Paying Attention Yet? Here Are 10 Plagues That Our
World Has Had To Deal With So Far This Summer…

Iranian Defector Dedicates Olympic Silver Medal to

Iran claims it arrested Mossad agents, seized weapons
The ministry claimed that the alleged agents intended to
use the weapons in order to carry out assassinations.

Deadly street protests over Iran water shortages
Iran has called claims of a crackdown on protesters, by the
UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet, "false accusations".

After months of optimism, a return to the Iran nuke
deal begins to look unlikely

Though both sides have significant incentives to return to the
deal, Iran’s aggressive negotiating demands, and steady progress
in its nuclear program have created a gap between the sides that
looks increasingly difficult to bridge.

Hamas threatens new escalation, demands Qatari aid
Hamas is threatening to ratchet up the rate of airborne arson
attacks on Israel if it does not receive millions of dollars in aid
from Qatar soon.

U.S. has no business wielding power over Iraq
(Editor's note: Bobby Naderi is a London-based journalist)
Washington should do the next best thing as it also inevitably
did in Afghanistan: follow its better instincts by withdrawing all
occupying troops, including those it insists must stay to "operate
there in an advisory role." Yes, this might do lasting damage to
the American pride, but the "Empire of Chaos" has no one to
blame but itself for this colonial folly. The U.S. failed to win the
war on terror with thousands of troops.

China and Greece are Getting Closer. Joe Biden Should

Biden: I’m OK with people thinking I’m Satan

Rashida Talib calls for IRS to target pro-Israel groups

Congressman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) sent a letter to the Secretary
of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, urging her to review the status
granted to “organizations that fund the expansion of Israeli

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Archbishop Rebukes Nancy Pelosi's Support for
Taxpayer-Funded Abortion: 'The Epitome of Hypocrisy'