Christmas festivities begin in Bethlehem
in coordination with IDF

People celebrate during the annual lighting ceremony
of a Christmas tree at Manger Square outside the
Church of the Nativity, the site revered as the
birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem (photo credit: REUTERS)

Coordination between various security
agencies are designed to ensure and protect
freedom of worship for all denominations in
the city, while also maintaining security and
order in the area.

IRGC commander: Our missiles are aimed
at 21 US bases

Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander
(IRGC) says Iran can launch 20,000 missiles
per day is prepared for “the greatest war
against the greatest enemy.”

Turkey says new Russian missile deal to
happen before too long

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President
Recep Tayyip Erdogan inspect Sukhoi Su-57 fifth-
generation fighter during the MAKS-2019 International
Aviation and Space Salon in Zhukovsky outside Moscow,
Russia, August 27, 2019. (photo credit: MAXIM SHIPENKOV/

Moscow hopes to seal a deal to supply Turkey
with more S-400 missile systems in the first
half of next year.

Turkey is trying to take over the Mediterranean,
through Libya

Turkey says a new deal with Libya has “proven
its capabilities to the world in a manner that is
compatible with international law but also
signaled its future intentions in the region."

Thousands of Brazilians join Israeli musicale
for YouTube performance

Thousands of Brazilians, Jews and non-Jews,
joined a popular Israeli musicale held for the
first time in Latin America. Some 3,000
people gathered Sunday at one of Sao
Paulo’s main symbols, the Estaiada Bridge,
to sing as part of Koolulam, the infectious
initiative that has garnered over 50 million
views on YouTube. “Koolulam’s main goal
is to bring together strangers who have no
singing experience and provoke an innovative,
creative, sensory and unforgettable musical
moment. Children, youth, adults and the
elderly become artists,” Gontow said.

NATO summit toasts 70 years. But is it
waving or drowning?

There will be plenty of applause when
NATO leaders gather in London to celebrate
seven decades of the most successful military
alliance in history. But with a French president
who calls it “brain dead”, a Turkish leader who
is attacking U.S. allies and buying Russian
weapons, and an American president who
questions the entire premise of his superpower
defending the West — the political future of
NATO has rarely if ever seemed quite so dubious.

US corporate debt nears $10 trillion
US corporations are sitting on nearly $10
trillion in debt. That's equivalent to roughly
47% of the overall economy, which is a
record, according to date first cited by
the Washington Post.


Rivlin to Ask Attorney General if
Netanyahu Can Form a Government
After Indictment

Relations with Israel are at a 'dead end,'
Abbas tells UN representative

Israel planning new settlement in
flashpoint city of Hebron

Jordan to reopen Tomb of Aaron to

Netanyahu slams European 'rush to
appease Iran' by sidestepping sanctions

Protests Have Turned Hong Kong
Disneyland Into a 'Ghost Town'

White House, in fiery letter, declares
Trump won't participate in House
Judiciary impeachment hearing

'Unsavory,' not impeachable: Democratic
lawmaker explains why he opposes
removing Trump

Flight from Tel Aviv causes London
panic as scrambled jets set off sonic