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Friday, December 7th

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  • Friday, December 7th

    In briefing to 25 foreign ambassadors in the upper Galilee,
    Prime Minister Netanyahu says there is 'reasonable possibility'
    Israel will have to operate in Lebanon to neutralize the threat
    posed by Hezbollah's terror tunnels.

    COMMENTARY: Dead Sea Comes to Life!
    A remarkable thing happened to me last week. I was studying
    the Book of Ezekiel in preparation for a weekend retreat when
    a friend forwarded a YouTube clip announcing the most
    incredible news, which is surely another significant sign of the
    imminent return of Jesus. One of Ezekiel’s famous prophecies –
    widely thought to be allegorical rather than literal – is now being
    fulfilled just as he said it would 2,600 years ago! In short, the Dead
    Sea is coming alive! Fresh water is now flowing into this Rift Valley
    expanse that has been unable to support life since the destruction of
    Sodom and Gomorrah thousands of years ago, useful only for drawing
    tourists to sample its healing properties while floating unsupported.

    PALESTINIANS: No Difference Between Hamas and Fatah
    It is supposedly fine for Mahmoud Abbas and his officials to condemn
    Hamas on a daily basis. It is supposedly not fine, however, for the US
    administration to condemn Hamas for its terrorist attacks against Israel.
    "The proposed [unseen] US resolution is harmful to the Palestinians'
    right of resistance." — Emad Omar, Palestinian political analyst. This
    is obviously a short-lived honeymoon that will end the day after the UN
    General Assembly vote on the anti-Hamas resolution. The morning after
    the vote, Abbas will wake up to the realization that Hamas was a strange
    bedfellow indeed.

    The European Union has experienced a series of disasters over the last
    10 years, each one of which has posed a major threat to its stability.

    Time and again in recent decades, Iran has used its Islamic Revolutionary
    Guard Corps to attempt to deprive Israel of calm borders with its neighbors.
    As this problem is likely to recur in the context of the Gaza Strip, it is
    essential – and by no means impossible – to root it out from that area.

    Afghanistan has overtaken Iraq to become the world’s deadliest country
    for terrorism, according to a report released Wednesday. One-quarter of all
    worldwide terrorism-related deaths during 2017 occurred in Afghanistan,
    according to the latest Global Terrorism Index. It cited a surge in attacks by
    the Taliban and the Islamic State group.

    “IN GOD WE TRUST” Makes a Return to Schools, Public Buildings
    One State at a Time

    Laws were passed earlier in 2018 that required or allowed schools, as
    well as other public buildings, to openly display “In God We Trust.”
    Florida is just one of the states in which these laws were passed. An
    article from CBN News reports that the same law was also passed for
    Arizona, which allowed their schools to display the state’s motto - “God
    Enriches” - in English, which can be seen in Latin on the Grand Canyon
    state seal. At this time, even more state legislatures are seeking to
    represent the presence of the Lord on their schools and public buildings.
    A few state lawmakers are even trying to permit or call for the Ten
    Commandments to be posted in schools and in other public places.