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How to get EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS when new news is added...

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  • How to get EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS when new news is added...

    For those that may not know this, those that are current members at Millenium Weekend Ministries can SUBSCRIBE to this forum or to a specific thread (PINNED thread). You can even choose how often you want email notifications when new posts are added.

    At main Weekend News Today page...

    For FORUM subscribing:

  • Click on Forum Tools tab.
  • Click on Subscribe to this Forum.
  • Choose how often you want to be updated.
  • Click on Perform Action.
    (For the 'FORUM' subscription, the daily notification by email comes out around midnight.)

    Or if there is a PINNED thread that you want to know when there is a new post, (Ex. HURRICANE UPDATES, BIRD FLU UPDATES, or RELIGIOUS NEWS, etc.) then..

    For THREAD subscribing:

  • Click on that specific thread.
  • Click on Thread Tools.
  • Click on Subscribe to this Thread.
  • Choose instant notification, or daily, or weekly updates.
  • Click on Add Subscription.
    (Notice for the THREAD SUBSCRIPTION, you get an extra choice of 'instant notification', so you can know as soon as a new post is added to that specific thread.)
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    Re: UPDATE

    *With the new WEEKLY format, it will work out much easier for all of us. And there's a side benefit to those who like to subscribe to threads. Now, you can just subscribe to that new week's thread, and you'll get updates anytime new news is added for that week.

    Then you can choose the 'instant notification' choice in the subscription section. See instructions on this in previous post.

    When you subscribe to the new week's thread, just delete off the last week's subscription in your User CP (user control panel). Enjoy!


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      Re: How to get EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS when new news is added...


      PLEASE make sure you have an accurate email address on file with us! If you change we need to know! We get all too many "undeliverable" messages from the system for those that have changed their email or don't check their email box enough and it gets too full.



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