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    Everyone MUST familiarize yourself with the mandates on posting to our site. There are 3 things you are required to be familiar with.

    1. WeDG Statement of Beliefs

    2. WeDG Rules of Posting

    3. ANY new post now posted in this thread.

    Please note the following issue:

    Do not post entire articles on WeDG! There are legal issues that I've recently uncovered. Only quote a portion of the article you want to bring attention to and then link to the original source. This is very important!
    Most of you are doing very well with this and I thank you. But what I'm finding is some folks that don't post very often are coming by and are not as familiar with the requirements for posting.

    PLEASE understand - this board is owned by Severo and me - neither of us have a few million dollar hanging around and neither of us are high-dollar attorney's...nor do either of us have a rich uncle that can bail us out of a legal jam.

    Posting entire articles is a violation of the Fair Use laws! The result CAN be (and HAS been on other boards - they LOST!) a lawsuit filed against this board but some enterprising lawyer that DOES have a few million bucks laying around - at the very least, the company he sues on behalf of, certainly does.

    Of the 3 things you need to be familiar with I would say this third one is the one thing that could completely bring this ministry to an end. So - let me say it one more time (and I'm sorry if I am sounding ugly - I can't overemphasize the importance of this!)
    1. Do not post entire articles. ANY partial news article you post, MUST have the original source avialable by posting the URL (Web-link) that points directly back to the original article. If you do not know how to post the URL with the article please obtain answers to these questions by emailing the Moderators before posting to the site.

    2. (Updated 10/09/06 draw special attention to this point that has been here since April 2006)...

    Do not post ANYTHING that has a copyright on it or on the home page (this includes song/hymn lyrics, poems, etc) without expressed, written permission from the publisher. (Public Domain items are legal to copy.) If you have obtained this permission please forward to the Moderators BEFORE posting the material on WeDG.

    New Addition (04/13/06)

    Please note that from this day forward if anyone violates this policy (policy number two only) it is the decision of the Advisory Board that this person will lose their posting priviledges for a period of one (1) day for the first offense, three (3) days for a second offense. This will be activated from the time the Moderators remove the offending post. Third offenses will result in a permanent loss of posting priviledges. I'm sorry this has to be so strict but there is much at stake here.

    3. If you do not have a source, and you do not have specific written permission to copy the article (any portion of it) it may not be posted on our site.

    PLEASE help us keep this ministry alive by abiding by the rules of the board and the laws of the land.

    Thank you!
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