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Notice! Last Updated 5-06-2008

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  • Notice! Last Updated 5-06-2008

    What's in blue is new as of the Updated date in the Title/Subject line.

    1. just FYI, we don't know anyone's passwords - it's encrypted in the system. The only thing Severo, Michael and I can do is have the system send you whatever reminder system you set up when you signed up or we can manually input a new password.

    2. PLEASE keep your email address updated with us. If you've forgotten your password and request it of us the system will send the reminder to the email address it has on file. If that isn't correct then of course the reminder will fall on deaf 'ears' and the Moderators will not be notified of the failed delivery.

    Newly update - 5/06/2008
    3. We have had to disable the auto-signup due to abuse. If you want to have an ID to log into the board (whether it's your desire to post or you just want to be able to better keep track of the threads you've read) please email We will respond via email.

    4. Please also depend on email to contact the Administrators. It's very difficult for me, at least, to keep up with all of the PM's (Private Messages) sent and I have a difficult time keeping my PM inbox cleared enough - there is a limit of 50 total PM messages - this includes sent and received. Email me by clicking here or email the Webmasters by clicking here.

    5. Regarding your email address we have on file, You MUST keep your email record current with us! If I send an all-member email and yours bounces your account will be placed into the Inactive group. You'll be able to view, but not post - until you email us with your current/correct email address. If you're inactive for 120 days AND the email bounces your account is deleted. Remember, to be considered "active" just log into our site with your username/password - no posting is necessary to remain active!

    6. Do not post entire articles on WeDG! There are legal issues that I've recently uncovered. Only quote a portion of the article you want to bring attention to and then link to the original source. This is very important!

    7. Effective immediately a new policy of "check before you post" is in effect. This means all posters are required to check the validity of stories before posting them on WeDG. We're not talking about news reports - we're talking about the endless chain-emails we all get. From now on it is required that the poster check the validity against both Snopes and Truth or Fiction. If the stories are unverified or false do not post them on WeDG. Such posts will be deleted. If the two souces disagree then please post that they don't agree - we'll allow those but not when both say the story is false or unverifiable.

    8. If you don't log in for 120 days your account will go to "Inactive". If you don't log in for a total of 365 days then the account is deleted. This just helps us keep our database current. Note that "Logging In" does not mean you have to post; just that you've logged into the database. This puts a new marker on your activity on the board.

    Thanks, everyone!
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