Looking for posts containing some obscure word? Here's a handy tip for searching WeDG.

Using your regular favorite web search engine, do the following:

* Type in the word you're looking for into the search box
* Follow that by the term " site:http://wedg.millenniumweekend.org/ "
* What you will get is a list of threads that have your search word in them.

The whole search term for the word "fox" for example, would be
fox site:http://wedg.millenniumweekend.org/

This same technique works for specific phrases, such as:
"day of the lord" site:http://wedg.millenniumweekend.org/

By enclosing your search phrase in quotes, your search engine will look for that specific series of words!

And if you have words that are not a specific phrase, just put them in, separated by the "+" plus sign, such as:
Joshua + Jericho + day site:http://wedg.millenniumweekend.org/

Remember, you have to include the little command " site: " just before the internet address of WeDG.

Cool, huh? A big shout out to the Lurker who provided this helpful tip.

Happy Hunting!