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Is The Emergent Church The End-Time Apostate Church

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    Re: Is The Emergent Church The End-Time Apostate Church

    Whoa! Whoa! Andy, thanks SO MUCH for posting that Church of Tares: Purpose Driven video. After so much indepth research many felt led to do yrs back into those leaders and movements, this really brought it all together in ONE video. Wow! Amazingly well done with lots of great Scriptures to counter the new anti-Biblical church movements. Their fruits are being exposed. Amen!!

    Anyone else seeing how Biblical prophetic this all is???!!! I'm sure you are. Cannot believe we are alive watching this all happen before our eyes. My husband and I have been so grieved & vexed in spirit for the lost who have been greatly deceived by all this stuff coming thru the churches of all types. It made a TON of falsely professing to be believers, but still just as much unbelievers. What a tragedy!

    God still has been using many of us in our own lives to try to get people to wake up before it's too late. Been praying for genuine repentant revival in families, churches, and across the nation. But noticing the further into this we all go and the more rampant & deep the churches and schools have been affected by this all, the less people really even care. It's like a MASS APATHY.

    It's quite eerie how bad it's spread thru the churches. We heard an online teacher say that it's being reported that the most persecution to true born-again Christians today IN AMERICA is now being reported as coming from the falsely professing 'christian' crowd. So true! What in the world happened to TRUE CHRISTIANITY?? Where did the LOVE FOR the ONE TRUE GOD OF THE BIBLE and the craving & love for HIs Word and taking stands for SOUND doctrine go?? Well, thankfully there are some true sound doctrinal preachers still out there holding down the fort with God's strength. PTL!! Pray for them and the ministries God is using like MWM and the rest. But it's just so sad watching how subtly this takes over churches, ministries, and families and brings fast spiritual decline. It affects us all like the frog boiling in water science experiment where they heated the water up so slowly that the frog never jumped out in time because it didn't notice the gradual change.

    Thank God we know in the end GOD has the true victory over evil/sin! PTL for that!!!! \/ Also thankful the Lord put in us His joy & peace that resides within regardless the outer circumstance. We sure need that in this day & age to refresh often. Thank God for His Word & the permanent indwelling and sealing of His HS that carries us thru & leads us on. Keep the faith folks! God knows we're weak, but THAT HE IS STRONG & ABLE. We all need to stand strong in Him relying on HIS STRENGTH & FAITH to encourage us on. Hang in there for the rocky ride ahead, but KNOW for those of you truly born-again reading... GOD is our ROCK, our Creator, our personal Lord & Savior, greatest love & life and HE will be with us thru it all,whatever may come. Pray for His soon return and pray for the souls of the lost and for true revival for the true believers, too. God be with you.