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  • Prayers For Work

    I've had a very stressful few weeks at work, as I try to wrestle with a large property maintenance program that I helped create.
    At the same time, I was entrusted with gathering facts, figures, and estimates for a large project before the end of our fiscal year.
    Even though I had everything together, it seems as if since the start of the week, nothing has worked out right.
    Frustrated isn't the word, that would be a good thing!
    Tomorrow is a deadline to submit everything we need, to complete the project, and day after day it seems the work I've done needs to be redone, or rebid, etc.
    Please pray for me, that I see the Lord's hand working in my midst, that I feel his hand upon me, and that his will be done tomorrow.
    There is so much to do, and so much that could go wrong, yet I trust that he knows best, and he will work things out.

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    Re: Prayers For Work

    How did it turn out----???
    We need the rest of the story!


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      Re: Prayers For Work

      I submitted the paperwork, and yet the drama continues.
      Some days I feel as if I'm being tested, simply because I have a boss that won't back me, and I'm one of the higher ups!
      A person I work with, that isn't really my equal, is the main source of the problem.
      Daily I pray for peace, understanding, confidence, and even for this coworker.
      I also pray for my boss, that he will see through the lies, see through the games, the drama, etc., and decide to set things right.
      It's funny, I became increasingly aware of the fact that one item in my office MIGHT be part of the problem.
      Sounds odd, but I received a piece of furniture from a man who had a lot of anger, and a lot of hatred.
      Ever since I had that piece of furniture, it seemed as if things just didn't go right, as if I was always struggling and defending myself to my boss, and his boss.
      Even to go as far as to see how usual projects and routines were consistently falling through.
      While I've never receive a "word of knowledge" to coin a televangelist phrase, I had the strong feeling this piece of furniture needed to go.
      The moment I took it out of my office, and out of our building, I received an overwhelming peace.
      Is that the source of all my problems? No. Did I think somehow that chair had something attached to it? Yes.
      I have been blessed with not only a wonderful wife that is a great sounding board to listen, but also bounce ideas off of, but I'm also blessed with a network or "friends" I've built up over the years where I work.
      Each one has a different take, a different solution on the situation I'm in, because some have been there.
      Please continue to pray for me, that the Lord will reveal to me the solution to my problem.
      It's almost daily, some sort of crisis thrown at me by a certain coworker, and if not handled correctly or in a timely manner, I have my boss come down to my office wondering why things worked out the way they did.