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Prayers For Lee, My Boss

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  • Prayers For Lee, My Boss

    I'm requesting prayer for my boss Lee.
    He's having surgery to remove part of his esophagus tomorrow at 7am, and this will also bring his stomach up higher to make up the difference.
    It's due to cancer, which the Doctors feel they will get completely with this surgery.
    Please pray for Lee, that he will be able to stand the surgery, and that there are no complications.
    Please pray for the Doctors, as this is a 7 hour surgery (I'm still trying to figure out how they do it), that the Lord will give them strength in their weakness, a second wind in their weariness, and precision in their hands, due to the knowledge they gained through repeated surgeries and school, allowing them to make the right decisions.
    Also, please pray for Lee's family, as he is the true head of the family, which is rare these days. Please pray that his wife will be able to care for him when he returns home (she's a nurse), and be able to handle any emergency that comes up.
    Lastly, please pray for me. This is the second time in my first year as a manager, that Lee has had to go out for more than a few days.
    The last time was during our peak season, so it was busy and stressful.
    This time I hope (and pray) it will be easier due to repetition, and the fact our office is in a down time mode until March.
    Planning still has to be done, emergencies still have to be handled, and employees will still try and test the new guy's limit for nonsense.

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    Re: Prayers For Lee, My Boss

    Praying for Lee and his wife as well as his whole family. Praying for you also, Gregstien.


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      Re: Prayers For Lee, My Boss

      Thanks Bill.
      I got a surprise phone call from Lee, informing me that the surgery had unfortunately been put off!
      Imagine my shock when I saw his name come up on my phone.
      I'm a bit relieved for now, but know that the inevitable will come when they reschedule his surgery.
      At least he got to eat Christmas foods (soft ones of course).
      In some way, maybe the Lord has allowed this to show the Doctors that the amount of surgery is not needed.
      That would be a blessing for all involved.
      Once the Doctor meets with his staff next week, I should know more.


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        Re: Prayers For Lee, My Boss

        Praying for all requests gregstien


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          Re: Prayers For Lee, My Boss

          Continuing to pray


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            Re: Prayers For Lee, My Boss

            Praying that they get the surgery done at the right time according to the Lord's will. Praying the get every bit of the bad stuff!! And only good remains. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.


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              Re: Prayers For Lee, My Boss

              Good and bad news.
              Surgery might not be needed, however the bad news.
              The reason the surgery was put off, is because the pet scan showed spots on his liver.
              So, starting Thursday he will receive full body chemo every 3 weeks.
              The possibilities of this treatment could be:

              shrinking the spots on his liver
              finishing off the small amount of tumor growth in his throat

              I'm praying for both, and while he will have the endure chemo again, it's not chemo and radiation at the same time.
              Please pray for Lee, and the Doctors, that this is the right path, that the Lord will heal him completely, and that he will be able to work as much as the Lord sees fit.
              The reason I added that last part, is because we are 8 weeks away from starting our cutting season again, which in a small summation is like "riding a tornado."
              This will last until October, with no break, and 2 vehicle/surplus auctions during this same time period. That's why he wanted the surgery in time to return to work BEFORE this all started up again.
              The Lord knows best, I realize that, and he will give me the strength and energy to go it alone this time, should I need to.


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                Re: Prayers For Lee, My Boss

                Praying for Lee in all mentioned areas. Praying for you, too, Gregstien with the work situation.


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                  Re: Prayers For Lee, My Boss



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                    Re: Prayers For Lee, My Boss

                    Lee has been out since the day after his first "heavy" chemo treatment. That was 2 weeks ago today.
                    Please continue to pray for him, as he tries to get over the chemo, and attempts to have a normal life while doing it.
                    Our busy season (lasts for 8 months) will be coming up soon, and there is SO much to do.
                    While I'm able to handle the office so far, I've also been blessed by a wonderful support group of people in the office, and higher up offering their help in any way.


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                      Re: Prayers For Lee, My Boss

                      Continue to pray Greg. That the chemo effects lessen each day for Lee and that they do the job they are meant to do. When I was going through my situation the gastroscopy Doctor said he had a patient that was free from esophagus cancer in 6 months. I pray this for Lee too. I pray that the busy time coming up for you is eased by great support and help as Lee heals and can return to work. Blessings to you brother.


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                        Re: Prayers For Lee, My Boss

                        I found out today Lee is in ICU with clots in his legs, and a mass in his back.
                        Most likely all of this is due to the chemo, as any large tumors would have shown up on the scan several weeks ago.
                        However, I pray for the best and try to prepare for the worst.
                        Please continue to lift Lee up in prayer, that the Lord will do his will, and that if it's his will, Lee will return to work as soon as he allows.
                        So far everyone under me is doing what I ask, without full knowledge of the situation, which they may one day learn but that's not going to be anytime soon!
                        I choose to instill hope, where fear usually creeps in, because that keeps the office running on an even keel.
                        Also, please pray for me, that I will be able to go forward with the plans I've made for the upcoming busy season our office has from March until October.
                        After I learned the news late this afternoon, I'm praying rather than worrying, with the realization all of this has been thrown in my lap long term and not just 5-6 weeks.
                        No pressure, no pressure.


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                          Re: Prayers For Lee, My Boss

                          Sounds like you have your hands full.
                          Praying for healing for your boss. I also pray that the Lord gives you the strength and direction to continue to keep the office moving.


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                            Re: Prayers For Lee, My Boss

                            Thanks for the prayers, but the Lord's ultimate decision was to call Lee home.
                            While it was hard to accept last Thursday morning, when it was announced, I realize God has a reason for everything.
                            For now the interim boss is just that...thankfully.
                            Now my prayers turn to the Director, that God will lead him to the right person as a permanent replacement for our office.
                            And in those prayers, are the belief and desire to have someone that is as passionate about the field as Lee was, as caring about others as Lee was, and as firm with knuckleheads as Lee was.


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                              Re: Prayers For Lee, My Boss

                              So sorry for the loss of your friend and co worker. I agree with you in prayer for the right replacement be find in a timely manner.