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Appreciation and awareness

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  • Appreciation and awareness

    I get it now, Lord.
    I see all the times I did not thank you for the blessings.
    I just skipped past them and did not acknowledge you or thank you.
    Lord, church doesn't happen anymore--where we could sing together and hear your word together and
    remember what Jesus did for us and celebrate it together.
    We are to isolate----the places we could go to shop, eat, watch movies----all quiet now.
    I am sorry, Lord. I was not entitled, I was blessed.
    I repent of my ingratitude.
    I thank you for all I have and all you have done for me.
    Please guide me. Guide us to give thanks in all things.
    Help this world, Father. Forgive us and heal us.
    praise you praise you
    In the name of Jesus--the name above all names.
    I pray