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Hi all,
Due to well over two years of a clear lack of interest in this board, I will be closing it when the hosting is up next month (24 Aug). I see no reason to continue this with the lack of readership and participation.

It's been a wonderful 27+ years, with tons of ups and downs, but with all the excellent resources available to us online via Telegram, YouTube and other platforms - we've outgrown our purpose. I do not believe any huge modification/improvements to the site would help, plus that has always been way beyond my knowledge/skill set.

Y'all know how to reach me.
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Traveling Mercies

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  • Traveling Mercies

    Headed to the inlaws again. Please pray we have an uneventful trip.
    When I get there, now that I remember my password(!), I will update on what's been going on the last 8 months.
    God has taken me out of government, and into a new career that I never thought possible.
    After being retired since March 2018, I am finally going back to work!
    Thanks for the prayers, will update tomorrow morning when I can see straight again, she's a 12 hour trip you know...:P

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    Hope your trip was uneventful, Gregstien. Good to see you back. We missed you!


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      Alright...who wasn't praying hard enough? :P I found out how to lower the spare tire on the Toyota Highlander, and that I had to unload the heaviest item in the car to do so...the full ice chest! All I want for Christmas is the correct size tire from the dealer, I still have my 2 front teeth. Funny how you see more of Texas when you go slower, because the spare tire is speed limited. It was frustrating though, because I'm not used to driving that slow. Thanks, I missed being here, but my previous job kept me away for so long.


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        Oops, I believe my quiet prayer was for something like, "please ride with them Lord, give Greg whatever strength he may need to make it there safely, while also providing them opportunities to enjoy the long drive".

        Of course, changing tires was not what I had in mind :-)

        Ditto on PlumBob's comment. Good to see you back.
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          The Lord blessed me with a patch, instead of a new tire.
          Leaving to go home tomorrow, please pray for a safe journey once again.
          The wife wanted to leave on Sunday, but I start my new career on Monday, and feel like that should not be the same as my recovery day.
          For at least the first 6-8 hours of the trip I do expect the journey to be quiet, except for a squeaking Heeler. :P
          I do plan to get on WEDG more often now, since ending a career earlier this year, that took almost all of my time.
          I also plan on posting what the Lord has done, to take me from there, to my new career.
          It's been a fantastic journey of faith, not of fun and laughs...but faith that God would bring me to where HE wants to use and bless me.


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            Over a year later. LOL
            Please pray for us tomorrow morning as we travel back home.
            As I write this, I remember the day after I put the previous post in.
            At 5:23am that next morning, a deer hit the driver's side of our car.
            The whole driver's side, a few days before I started my new career (the training).
            I know why it happened, and who is behind it, but I just don't know how much of a blessing this new career will be.
            God must have something awesome for me, because that was the first flat, AND deer in the same trip. On any trip to Texas.
            We don't need any of that excitement this time around.


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              We made it back safely, but I swear these trips are getting longer.
              When I see a highway crew doing roadwork, I think they are lengthening the road and expanding the state, not widening it!
              Sure seems that way.
              Thanks for the prayers.