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Prayer for a neighbor, please

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  • Prayer for a neighbor, please

    I've just heard that a fellow who lives here in our building fell last week in his bathroom, and broke his neck. Apparently he has been in the hospital in a neighboring city, but was transferred to hospice today. His name is John. I don't know his wife's name, but she is a nice lady, and suffers from some severe physical problems herself.

    Thanks in advance for prayers for John.

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    Lifting up John for healing--


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      I just talked to John's daughter. He's in a hospice program. He's able to shrug his shoulders, otherwise, he's completely paralyzed. Breathing on his own. As of yesterday, they were thinking he might be appropriate for a rehab program, but they called her just before I saw her, and said he had a really hard night - more lethargic, bordering on unresponsive. They suggested that she should come back to see him (as if he wasn't expected to live much longer.)

      I told her we were praying for the family - she asked that we "pray hard."


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        Praying for your neighbor, John, and for his family.


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          Regrettably, John has passed away. Thanks to all of you for your prayers.

          His wife will be going back up to the north east with their daughter.


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            I lift up those in his family.
            You are the kind of neighbor we all cherish---caring and praying
            Bless you in all your ways and for all your days.