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A 2nd Zimbabwe revolution -- Finally :)

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  • A 2nd Zimbabwe revolution -- Finally :)

    Former British colony of Rhodesia central Africa... Thing is there was a Black led communist insurrection there since the end of the 2 world war... In the 70's or so the British pulled out, but the White minority government refused to surrender to the black led communist "peoples" army... Finally since the UN likes communists everywhere the UN put sanctions on Rhodesia finally forcing the turnover to Black led communist rule led br Mugabe..... Most whites fled for their lives.... however the ones who stayed had their land siezed made into communist collective farms...
    The whole area has been a marxist terror for the rest of this generation..... Finally, it looks like the army has removed general/president for life Mugabe..... And the same UN that caused a generation of pain for the people of Zimbebwe is insisting on communist controled elections to return the communists to power...........
    A sign of our times....