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  • Prayer For Work

    Things have improved slightly at work, however I am continually attacked by what I feel is a spirit indwelling or controlling a coworker.
    This coworker has all the traits of a jezebel spirit, I mean right down the line, point by point.
    Please pray for me for protection of God, a band of angels to surround me, and this spirit to be not only exposed but bound.
    This person has been moved 8 times in 16 years, and I can see why.
    If it's the Lord's will, things are happening in the office that only he can resolve, and maybe it will be his will to once again move her.
    The pure evil, and lack of remorse for anything this coworker does towards coworkers is just incredible, yet upper management will not do anything about it.
    Maybe they are blinded, and that too I pray will change, that the Lord will remove that which is keeping the upper management from seeing this person's actions, and seeing what it's doing to not only our office, but people we deal with on a daily basis.

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    Gregstien, I have lifted you and your situation to the Lord. I'll continue. May our Lord and Savior bless you.


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      Lifting you in prayer as well, Gregstien. I know even one difficult co-worker can make your life miserable. But I am sure you are lifting this Jezebel spirit person up in prayer yourself, to be unbound and saved. Amen.