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Pray for Plumbob Sam in hurricane

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  • Pray for Plumbob Sam in hurricane

    Latest Irma will go up the West Coast of Florida... Pray for Plumb Bob / Sam... Talked to him Friday evening... he is on the shore in his condo right next to the marina where his boat is!!! he and the 4 families with him are going to ride out the storm there... due to the storms sudden course change, they can expect a large storm surge and maximum winds... By tomorrow morning they will be in the dangerous North East quadrant of the storm....

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    Thank You, Lewis...

    Yes, prayers are definitely coveted.

    The latest tracking says we will get a direct hit Sunday between 6 and 8 PM. There are indeed 4 other families here, one of which is scarred beyond belief.

    We know that Jesus is in control of the weather.

    I likely won't be able to post again for several days. But I'll do so as quickly as I can.

    God Bless.

    PB / Sam


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      Praying for your safety