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Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel Pt II

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    Originally posted by HSB View Post
    "The stage at which the parties are at now is like a young couple that first moves in together," a Palestinian source told Haaretz. "It shows progress, and can lead to marriage, that is, to a peace agreement, but it might bring up all kinds of differences of opinions and lead to a painful break-up." What an unfortunate metaphor to use...young couple living together before marriage...sad but true in this case I guess!
    Indeed, I'm reminded of how God's word often uses the metaphor of adultery, going after other gods. People in the world sometimes don't know how truthfully they're talking - Israel just going after whatever feels good, instead of a true, loving relationship with the Lord, who wants to protect her from what will happen if she winds up cozying up to the ones who have only bad intentions for her.
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      According to Al-Maliki, US President George W. Bush plans to invite the members of the international Quartet, the G-8, all permanent members of the UN Security Council, the Arab Follow-Up Committee, and three additional predominantly Muslim countries.
      The Quartet is composed of the US, European Union Russia, and the United Nations. The addition of the G8 countries means that Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom will be invited. As a member of the Security Council, China will also be invited.
      The Arab League Follow-Up Committee, established to pursue implementation of the Arab Peace Initiative, includes Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Oman, Algeria, Bahrain, Yemen and Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa.

      Finally, Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia have been added to the guest list.

      Al-Maliki said President Abbas and other countries would ask the conference sponsors to invite India, South Africa, Brazil, Greece, and Spain.
      This reminds me of Zechariah 12:3 when he talks about ALL the earth gathered against Israel.

      Events are moving fast!
      Psalm 63:3 Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, My lips will praise You.


      • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel Pt II

        here is the talk about borders:

        Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday laid out his most specific demands for the borders of a future independent state, calling for a full Israeli withdrawal from all territories captured in the 1967 Six-Day War.

        Abbas' claim comes as Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams are trying to hammer out a joint vision for a future peace deal in time for a U.S.-hosted conference next month.

        With Israel seeking to retain parts of the West Bank and east Jerusalem, Abbas' comments appeared to set the stage for tough negotiations, which are expected to include complicated arrangements such as land swaps and shared control over holy sites.

        In a television interview, Abbas said the Palestinians want to establish a state on 6,205 square kilometers of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It was the first time he has given a precise number for the amount ....

        see full article for details.


        • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel Pt II

          More clarity(?):

          PA Demands Kotel as Failed Taba Accords Revived

          by Hana Levi Julian

          ( Israel and the Palestinian Authority have agreed to take a second look at the principles discussed during the January 2001 Taba Summit between then-Prime Minister Ehud Barak and then-Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat.

          Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said this week that he has accepted the principles reached during the negotiations but that had not been formalized in a final document, as a basis for current negotiations, according to an unnamed PA official quoted by the Maariv newspaper.

          The source said that the PA has also agreed to the same principles as a basis for talks but has not formulated that in a formal manner.

          “The problem is that Olmert has internal opposition from Barak,” said the source referring to the former PM who recently returned to politics and became Defense Minister.

          “The gaps between Olmert and Abu Mazen are not large,” he said. “In one-on-one talks with Abu Mazen, Olmert has already agreed to Taba but he has not announced this formally.” He predicted that an agreement of principles would be reached by the time of the Mideast summit scheduled for November 26 in Annapolis, Maryland.

          PA “Accepts”, but Demands Jews Throw on ‘Kotel’
          PA negotiator Adnan Husseini, a senior advisor the PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, said the PA now accepts the Taba agreement that Arafat turned down six years ago, according to Voice of Israel government radio.

          However, he rejected Israeli sovereignty over the Western Wall as well as the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Givat Ze’ev and Ma’aleh Adumim.

          Husseini said Thursday night that the Western Wall “is part of Islamic heritage that cannot be given up, and it must be under Muslim control.” He also insisted that the entire Old City belongs to the Muslims.
          Abbas earlier had agreed that a land swap would allow Israel to retain sovereignty over the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall in the Old City.

          Summary of Taba Accords
          The concessions by Israel in Taba six years ago included:
          • Jerusalem would be designated as an open city, with Israeli sovereignty over the Western Wall and Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem and PA sovereignty over Arab neighborhoods in the city. Each side would define their part of Jerusalem as its capital. The issue of the Temple Mount had not been resolved and the PA has now demanded the Western Wall as well.
          Israel agreed to withdrawal from Judea and Samaria over a 36-month period and withdrawal from the Jordan Valley over an additional 36-month period, to be replaced by an international force. Arafat rejected these ideas.
          • Israel proposed handing over blocs of land occupied by Arab residents, and retaining so-called “settlement blocs” within Judea and Samaria.. Arafat rejected this.
          • Israel agreed to withdraw from 97 percent of its territory restored in the 1967 Six-Day War. Arafat rejected this too.
          • Israel agreed to a limited so-called Right of Return, which would allow some 5,000 foreign Arab descendants of those who fled the country during the 1948 War of Independence. Barak proposed that the Arabs be allowed to immigrate (a) to Israel, (b) to Israeli swapped territory or (c) to the PA state. A second proposal offered to Arafat included (a) rehabilitation and relocation within the current Arab host country or (b) relocation to a third country. Arafat rejected these proposals.
          • Both sides agreed to phase out the UNRWA agency that administered internationally-funded programs among the PA population, within five years.
          • Both sides agreed the PA state would have sovereignty over its airspace.
          • Both sides were willing to make a commitment to fight terror and cooperate on security issues.
          • Both sides agreed to abide by United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 and that the June 1967 lines would become the basis for permanent borders between Israel and the new PA state.


          • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel Pt II

            Brace yourselves for the "big one" coming in Israel...Ezekiel 38:18-20 then read the next link about the Nov Peace there a connection???


            Mini-Earthquake Sets Off Predictions of a Larger One

            by Hillel Fendel

            ( The Patzael region in the central Jordan Valley, just 20 kilometers north of Jericho, was touched by a small earthquake on Saturday night, registering 3.0 on the Richter scale. A similar quake occurred in the same area two months ago.

            On Sunday morning, researchers at Tel Aviv University presented a new study on the timeline of earthquakes throughout history. No precise future earthquake dates can be extrapolated from the data, but the researchers say one is on the way - as no major quake has hit the danger area between the Dead Sea and the Kinneret in centuries.
            "It's like the first winter rain," said Dr. Shmuel Marko, who took part in the study. "The longer the dry summer lasts, the closer the first rain is. Here, as well: The quiet is worrisome. The longer we go without a large quake, the more we can expect one."
            Israel is located along the Syria-Africa rift, a friction point between two subterranean plates and is therefore considered

            and here:,7...459638,00.html

            'Major earthquake in Israel – a matter of time'

            GII picks up two small earthquakes in Jordan rift valley area over past few days. Study shows major quake is pending

            Roee Nahmias Published: 10.14.07, 12:54 / Israel News

            A 3.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Jordan rift valley area. The Geophysical Institute of Israel noted the seismic activity around 6pm Saturday. The Jordan rift valley is in close proximity to the volatile Syrian-African Rift.

            Rami Hofstetter, head of the Geophysical Institute of Israel told Ynet that "our instruments picked up two small quakes in the area over the last few days – the first one registering at 2.9 and the second of a 2.5 magnitude."

            Shmuel Marko of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Geophysics in Tel Aviv University and Oded Katz of the GII, have recently published a new study, saying a major earthquake is heading Israel's way.

            Past data, said the two, proves that such a quake is just a matter of time. "We know that the area between the Kinneret and the Dead Sea was subject to several large quakes, in 31BC, 362BC, 749BC and 1033AD. Another major one is coming soon."

            Hofstetter seemed unfazed by Marko and Katz's study. "Saying Israel will be subject to a major earthquake is like saying the sun will rise tomorrow. A major quake in on the way," he said. "We just don't know where it's going to hit."

            Now read this:


            Rice says Mideast peace is a top priority for Bush administration

            By Barak Ravid and Avi Issacharoff, Haaretz Correspondents

            In a joint news conference with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza said Monday that U.S. President George W. Bush has decided to make ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict one of the highest priorities of his administration.

            Rice met Abbas to try to bridge his differences with Israel over the scope of a U.S.-led Mideast peace conference scheduled for next month in Annapolis, Maryland.

            "We frankly have better things to do than invite people to Annapolis for a photo op," she said.
            "Israelis and Palestinians," Rice observed, "are making their most serious effort in years to resolve the conflict."

            "Frankly, it's time for the establishment of a Palestinian state, she added.
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            • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel Pt II

              Hello All...

              An Israeli Call for Help from the Christian Community... Is anyone listening?

              Dear Christian Friends of Israel

              By Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator

              No doubt you have been observing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s efforts to pull together what amounts to an International Court of Inquisition to judge the fate of the Jewish State of Israel and impose upon her conditions for survival.

              If you do not wish the State of Israel to be re-partitioned and surrendered to the Muslim Arabs, you will have to step forward. It will be too late once the judgements are rendered and given the cloak of legitimacy through the organizations of World Powers.

              Christians in America have a great deal of moral and political power which is very persuasive when utilized. Perhaps you will agree to bring that power out of the column of potential and into the column of applied power. I am, of course, speaking of the current Administration and the American Congress.

              This is what the Land and People of Israel face.

              Rice (with the counsel of James Baker III) wishes to pacify radical Islam by re-partitioning Israel at first transferring Judea and Samaria (Israel’s biblical heartland) to the Muslim Arab Palestinians. That includes one/third of Israel drinking water from the Samarian and Judean mountain aquifers. Then Rice/Bush/Baker plan to abandon the Golan Heights and the second/third of Israel fresh water resources to Syria - on the unlikely chance that Syria will cease its terrorist attacks on Israel and Lebanon through their proxy, the Hezb’Allah and sending terrorists into Iraq to kill American soldiers and Iraqi citizens (soldiers and civilians).

              Then C. Rice wishes to transfer over to the Muslim Arab Palestinians the Jordan Valley which has been a natural barrier to any attack by armies and armor from the long eastern border. Just across this long valley sits Jordan with only 5 entry passes through its long mountain range for invading armies from Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran and/or Saudi Arabia to invade.

              (Note! The U.S. has recently signed an agreement to assist Jordan go nuclear, ignoring the fact that when (not IF) the King is overthrown by Jordan’s 80% Palestinian population, these nuclear facilities will fall into the hands of a united Hamas and Fatah, plus those states listed above.)

              Another entry into the international meddling mix is Japan, who offers to fund an agricultural, industrial Park in the hotter climate of the Jordan Valley due to its below sea level topography. They plan on Israel to supply the water to grow vegetables and fruits which could supply Jordan, the Arab Muslim States and Europe by being transshipped through the Muslim Arab Gulf States. So, Israel loses another crucial defense barrier and bread basket - like the Jews had well-developed in Gush Katif/Gaza - as well as her water and the profits.

              Once these four strategic areas are acquired by the Muslim Arabs, they will be lined with missiles, able to devastate the coastal cities of Israel where 80% of her population lives and works - as well as the Ben Gurion International Airport which will then be made vulnerable to easy attack.

              You have seen, no doubt, the Kassam Rockets launched daily from the Gaza Global Terror Base. This tragic event was forecast by all who petitioned against surrendering Gush Katif/Gaza and evacuating the 10,000 - 16,000 Jewish men, women and children.

              You know that Hezb’Allah in Lebanon now have re-armed with 20,000 Katyusha Rockets, after 4000 were launched at Israel’s northern cities, towns and villages last summer during what is called the Second Lebanon War killing and wounding civilians and soldiers.

              There is much more but this outlines what Israel faces in the near future IF events continue.

              The Bush Administration and C. Rice have also put the "status of Jerusalem" on the bargaining table to be butchered in order to give the second Palestinian State its capital. They plan that to be all the areas in Jerusalem that Jordan occupied and desecrated for 19 years from 1948 to 1967. If you think, O, that’s only "East" Jerusalem where the Arabs live, you are very wrong. They plan to re-occupy all the North, South and "East" (which includes Israel’s Jewish Temple Mount). That includes all the new Jewish neighborhoods and their homes as well.

              Who will take over these homes? They have included all the descendants of the Muslim Arabs who fled Israel in 1948. That was 480,000 people then but, they "claim" to have multiplied to 5 million (or more). You do the math.

              All of this is listed in the Declaration of Principles, which has all the hallmarks of having been probably written by the State Department. See at the conclusion of this essay.

              To accomplish this re-division of Israel in a phased program of extinction, Rice and the U.S. State Department have assembled what can only be described as a Court of latter day Inquisition.

              At this time that includes the so-called Quartet created by and including the U.S. State Department who have tried to undermine and eliminate the Jewish State of Israel since her birth.

              The E.U. (European Union) has a record includes culpability for centuries of anti-Semitism, culminating in the Holocaust - through today with its donor monies supporting the Terrorist Arab organizations, nations and proxies.

              Then the U.N. (United Nations) 3/4s of the countries in the U.N. vote countless resolutions against Israel and America. The U.N., of course, includes the whole Arab League - the leaders of which are 12 key Arab Muslim states: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Yemen and Syria. The Arab League operates as a collective but each of these countries also has its own individual agenda regarding Israel. Remember that Syria was just voted in as Deputy Chairman of the U.N. Human Rights Watch this year. And, the U.N. accords full dignity to today’s Hitler, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad while the U.N.’s IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency has "closed" the issue of Iran’s Nuclear Weapons. Needless to say, very well-armed Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran stand out as implacable hostiles to the whole West and Israel.

              The fourth leg of the Quartet is Russia. It is no secret that Russia has always been hostile to its Jewish population. Now, President Putin has joined Syria and Iran who sponsor, fund, train, safe-house Hezb’Allah who attack Lebanon, Israel and to infiltrate Iraq to kill American soldiers and Iraqi citizens (both soldiers, police and civilians).

              Rice coached by Baker, who is no friend of Israel or Jews generally, wants Israel to divide her already minuscule land mass for a second state to be called Palestine. They would also insist on forcing Israel to receive the descendants of the Arab Muslims who left in 1948. The demographics which the U.N. records is that 480,000 left and now 5 million or more who (say they) wish to return.

              Jerusalem is a tragic story unto herself. While Muslim Arabs never considered Jerusalem a holy place, given that it was rejected by Mohammed as the direction of prayer was reversed from facing Jerusalem to facing Mecca - wherever in the world they were. Nevertheless as a strategy of Koranic War for a Global Islamic Caliphate, Jerusalem is now being claimed as Islam’s third holiest city with Mecca and Medina before it. The Koran doesn’t mention Jerusalem even once, but it is spoken of 667 times in the Torah (the Jewish Bible) and the highest Holy City of the Jewish people.

              For reasons of their historic legacy, Bush and Rice are desperate to be recorded in History as having made a difference and brought democracy to Islam. This is to be accomplished by assembling all of Israel’s dedicated enemies in a so-called International Peace Conference or Kangaroo Court setting. Rice has easily recruited such weak Jews as Ehud Olmert, Shimon Peres, and Ehud Barak who neither honor the Land of Israel which was given to Jewish people by G-d in perpetuity. The idea of there being a G-d is extremely offensive to Rice’s recruits. Fortunately, there are Torah-observant Jews who love the Land and will defend it for the Jewish people.

              So, as friends of Israel, there are many things you can do.

              A possible Conference of Christian leaders in an emergency session in Washington - where its weight will reach the U.S. State Department - the driving force behind this assault on Israel.
              Explain to President Bush and Secretary Rice that crushing Israel could very well lose the Republican Party the vital support it needs in coming elections.
              Speak to the candidates of both parties who are running for election and ask them to intercede before the November convention that Rice has assembled.
              For those who truly believe, speak about how this sacrilegious contradicts the Word of G-d and will not benefit the good people of our own America.
              No doubt, you have your own ways and ideas of how to speak to our U.S. Government in a persuasive way. If those attending this so-called Peace Conference vote penalties, embargoes, insertion of NATO troops, it will be too late.

              Thanks you for what we hope you will do.



              • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel Pt II

                Thing is, it is the fault of Israel that it is in the situation it's in. Just as Hezekiah trusted Egypt and was very sorry for it in Isaiah's day, Israel trusts the US and world leaders to protect her. In both situations ...
                2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

                I hear the cry to the Christian community but alas, they must help themselves first by turning to the God that the Christians worship.

                We already know this will not happen until the end of Daniel's 70th week. And we also know that Jerusalem will be divided (at least we know the Mount will be shared by the Gentiles for 42 months). Thus, although we can attempt to write our Congressmen and pray - in the end this will be what happens. God has so decreed it.


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                  Hello Folks:

                  Now here is an interesting twist... The Muslim-Brotherhood is now leaning on King Abdullah of Jordan to sever the Peace Agreement that it currently has with Israel. This Peace Agreement has been good for both Israel and for Jordan... actually Tourists can pass relatively freely across this border... In fact we plan to be crossing this border about a week today [Thursday]... and back across it on Sunday 11th November... Pray that we cross safely and without incident in both directions...

                  Now see what Aretz News said today...

                  Muslim Brotherhood Urges Jordan to Dissolve Treaty with Israel
                  by Hana Levi Julian

                  The Islamist organization that is outlawed in Egypt but tolerated in Jordan has called for the dissolution of the treaty signed 13 years ago between the Hashemite Kingdom and Israel.

                  In a statement released Tuesday, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, blamed some of Jordan's problems on the October, 1994 peace agreement.

                  "Since the signing of the peace treaty with Israel, freedoms and the rights of citizens have retreated in an unprecedented way. Political and economic reforms have stopped," said the statement, according to the AFP news agency.

                  The group also urged the Jordanian government to boycott the upcoming U.S.-sponsored Middle East Summit, to be held before the end of the year in Annapolis, Maryland.

                  "We call on Jordan and other Arab and Muslim countries to boycott the autumn meeting and not be involved in a conspiracy of normalization [with Israel]," said the statement... [emphasis mine]

                  Islamist Extremist Group is Tolerated in Jordan
                  The Muslim Brotherhood is the largest political opposition organization in a number of Arab nations, including Egypt, where it has been outlawed and where its members are often arrested prior to elections. In Kuwait, the group opposes allowing women to vote.

                  The organization is tolerated in Jordan where the Islamic Action Front, which currently holds 17 of the 110 seats in the Jordanian parliament, plans to run 22 candidates in next month's elections. Five of its members were expelled for running in parliamentary elections as independents without the permission of the party.

                  Sayyid Qutb, the late ideological father of the Muslim Brotherhood, called for the worldwide re-establishment of Sharia (Islamic religious law) and the use of "physical power and Jihad to abolish the organizations and authorities of the Jahili (pagan) system." The group believes all Islamic governments must eventually be united under a global Caliphate.
                  These are interesting times my friends...

                  If the Fall Conference being engineered by George & Condie does materialize, we may not be able to go as Tourists to large areas that we will be travelling through over the next three weeks!

                  Blessings to all of you...


                  • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel Pt II

                    It will be interesting to see what becomes of this. It would really be a turn of events. Israel seems to have a good relationship with Abdullah.

                    Don....please let us know your dates of travel so we can cover HSB, you and your travel companions with prayer!

                    Looking Up!
                    Psalm 63:3 Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, My lips will praise You.


                    • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel Pt II

                      JudyAnn and others: not sure if Don will be able to reply to this post so here goes with dates and places for group:
                      Nov 3 depart Canada, Nov 4 arrive Israel transfer to Jerusalem, Nov 5 Jerusalem, Nov 6 and 7 touring the West Bank settlements (eg Hebron, Shiloh), Nov 8 transfer to Jordan, Nov 9 and 10 touring around Jordan (eg Petra), Nov 11 transfer back to Jerusalem, Nov 12 Jerusalem, Nov 13-19 car touring around Israel, Nov 20 fly home to Canada. My wife and I are staying on in Jerusalem until Nov 25th. Many thanks for your prayers!!!


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                        Note: If you come here looking for a continuation of the discussion, I am closing this thread after moving several months' of posts into a part III thread