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Israel VS Hizbullah Part V (Merged Threads)

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  • Re: Israel VS Hiz-Bull-oney Part V (Merged Threads)

    Amen to the discussion regarding our righteousness being as filthy rags. I know that I am clothed in Christ's righteousness --just wanted to let everyone know that I am aware that I have none of my own. Thank you Jesus!


    • Canadian-Israeli Professor Charged With Spying for Hizbullah

      Canadian-Israeli Professor Charged With Spying for Hizbullah

      ( Released for publication: A Canadian-Israel professor was arrested on charges of espionage for Hizbullah after being caught photographing military installations in the northern area of the country, according to the Ynet news agency.

      Professor Razi Pelach was arrested 18 days ago and charged with spying for terror organization Hizbullah..
      Regardless where dual-citizenship lies, it's just sad when people stand up with and support Jihadist organizations.


      • ‘More Difficult Times Ahead’ Says Olmert

        ‘More Difficult Times Ahead’ Says Olmert

        13:55 Jul 26, '06 / 1 Av 5766

        ( Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Wednesday morning that Israel was not surprised by the strength of the Hizbullah force Israel is facing. He added, however, that the IDF will not stop fighting until there is an end to the threat from the north...
        God be with Israel in this battle for its very existence. Thank God we know the final victory in the end will be for ISRAEL as they turn back to GOD.