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Israel VS Hiz-bullies Part IV (MERGED)

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    18:23 Intelligence sources: We hit senior Hezbollah officials (Channel 10)


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      IDF boosts forces on northern border with thousands of soldiers over weekend. In addition to the Galilee division which has deployed in the area, another two divisions will deploy along the border and will be given missions.

      Thousands of soldiers, most of them reservists, are also expected to arrive in the area, thus bringing the Israel Defense Forces' deployment in the north to a record of between three to four divisions (in terms of order of battle.),7...279415,00.html


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        2004 data...

        ....the IDF has 186,500 full-time soldiers.

        This includes 141,000 in the ground forces, 36,000 in the air force, and 9,500 in the navy. If it calls up all of its reservists, the IDF can field 631,000 troops.

        .....the IDF has 16 divisions,

        3,700 tanks (down 230 from the previous year), and 7,710 armored personnel carriers (down 290 from the previous year).

        The air force showed a reduction in all its aircraft: combat (518 compared to 538), transport (58 compared to 64), and helicopters (205 compared to 239).
        By comparison, Syria has 289,000 full-time troops, down nearly 90,000 from 2002. It can call up 132,500 reservists and fields 12 divisions.

        The report says that Syria has 200 Scud B missiles, 80 Scud Cs, and 45 launchers of various types.


        • Re: Israel VS Hiz-bullies Part IV (MERGED)

          Lebanese Army is said to have a total of 75,000 active duty:

          The Lebanese Army is made up of:

          5 Regional Commands
          11 Mechanized brigades
          1 Republican Guard brigade
          1 Commando regiment
          5 Special Forces regiments
          1 Airborne regiment
          1 Navy Commando regiment
          2 Artillery regiments
          The Republican Guard Brigade is responsible for protecting the president and travels with him wherever he goes.

          The army's equipment includes:

          approximately 700 US-made Ford Motor Company M-113 armored personnel carriers
          100 US-made M-48 A1/A5 medium tanks
          200 Soviet-made T-54/T-55 medium tanks
          40 French-made AMX-13 light tanks