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Israel VS Hamas Part III

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  • Re: Israel VS Hamas Part III

    04:43 Palestinian officials: IDF nabs Gazan Hamas leader, kills his brother (AP)

    04:01 IDF troops move into southern Gaza (AP)

    01:58 New Zealand officials `delighted` kidnapped Fox journalists alive in Gaza (AP)

    00:20 IDF tank fire wounds Islamic Jihad gunman in Gaza (AP)

    Looks like Gaza might be ramping up again.


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      Israeli troops raid southern Gaza

      Thursday 24 August 2006, 4:48 Makka Time, 1:48 GMT

      Israeli soldiers crossed into the Gaza Strip early on Thursday and took up positions on rooftops in the southern Gaza border town of Abasan, Palestinian witnesses and security officials said.

      The army confirmed that it was involved in activity in the southern Gaza Strip early on Thursday.

      On Wednesday, a top Palestinian armed faction leader in the West Bank was shot in the head and seriously wounded, fighters and hospital officials said.


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        Last update - 02:41 25/08/2006
        Palestinians: At least 9 people hurt in IAF air strikes in Gaza

        By The Associated Press

        An Israel Air Force aircraft attacked two buildings in the Gaza Strip early Friday, wounding at least nine people, Palestinian officials said.

        The first air strike targeted the home of a local militant leader in the northern town of Jabaliya.

        Relatives of Salim Thabet, an activist of the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades in the northern town of Jabaliya, said the army told him to evacuate the home about 15 minutes before the air strike. The relatives said they were told to remain out of the area because more attacks were possible.

        Hospital officials said the five people in a nearby house were moderately wounded.

        The second air strike hit a two-story home in Gaza City, setting the structure on fire and causing heavy damage. Several nearby homes were damaged, and four people were moderately wounded, officials said.

        Security officials said one missile fired at the home did not explode, and a bomb squad was called in to dismantle it.

        The Israeli army said both air strikes had targeted weapons-storage facilities, and that it warned occupants to leave the areas before the attacks. The army, which carried out similar attacks earlier this week, says the warnings are meant to avoid civilian casualties.


        • Re: Israel VS Hamas Part III

          Sat Update: Israeli troops, Palestinian gunmen clash
          By ALI DARAGHMEH, Associated Press Writer

          NABLUS, West Bank - Israeli troops and Palestinian gunmen traded heavy fire Saturday during a standoff at a fugitives' hide-out, and doctors said a 16-year-old Palestinian was killed.

          Twenty Palestinians were wounded in the clashes in the West Bank city of Nablus, the doctors said.

          The standoff began early Saturday when Israeli troops surrounded a four-story apartment building where the army said two Palestinian fugitives were hiding. The troops called on the fugitives to surrender, but by mid-afternoon the wanted men were still inside the building.

          The militants are believed to be explosives experts with the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an offshoot of Fatah.

          The Israeli army brought in bulldozers that partially demolished the walls of the building and destroyed a water tank. At one point, the building came under heavy automatic fire by the army.

          The troops also returned fired at a neighboring house, where gunmen were seen shooting at the soldiers.