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It's been a wonderful 27+ years, with tons of ups and downs, but with all the excellent resources available to us online via Telegram, YouTube and other platforms - we've outgrown our purpose. I do not believe any huge modification/improvements to the site would help, plus that has always been way beyond my knowledge/skill set.

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Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

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  • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

    Hello Snoopy:

    You make a very good point... I believe that it will be a consortium of the 'willing'... just like Iraq! And I believe that it will be led by George with most of the boys on the ground being 'Good 'ol American boys'... just like Iraq.

    This time George will have the blessing of the UN, and the EU.

    I think that there are in fact two agendas... namely: A) To protect the Oil for the West [as the Middleeast is our 'Gas Tank']... B) to keep it away from the Chineese [a potential Cold War Adversary].

    My how the whole World revolves around this little bit of LAND!

    Only Israel has a Deed to the Land from God Himself [Creator of the Universe]. All other Nations have gained their LAND by "Force" [Invasion / Conquest]... So why is it that Israel alone is being forced to give the LAND back? Every Islamic Country came into existance by Conquest... why 'Cry' when Conquest took a piece away? On what grounds does one argue that Israel must give the LAND back? The whole World has been 'Hood-winked' [decieved] into believing a lie!

    Ultimately... God Himself will clear His Name currently being profaned in His LAND!



    • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

      another article for you on the upcoming evacuation: HSB

      Sharon´s Party Favors Palestinian State
      16:26 Nov 29, '05 / 27 Cheshvan 5766
      By Hillel Fendel

      Sharon's Kadima party platform, presented to the public Monday, is identical to Labor's on the Israeli-Arab conflict. It vows to keep only Jerusalem and settlement blocs - less than 10% of Yesha.

      Justice Minister Tzippy Livny, one of the leading Cabinet ministers who bolted the Likud to join Sharon's party, presented the new party's platform yesterday.

      The platform's main diplomatic points:
      * A Palestinian state should be established in Judea and Samaria.
      * The PA state is to be demilitarized and clean of terrorism.
      * Jerusalem and Jewish settlement blocs must remain under Israeli sovereignty.
      * Israel must balance the need to retain a Jewish majority with maintaining control of some of the areas in dispute.

      Arutz-7 diplomatic correspondent Haggai Huberman noted that the "demilitarized and clean of terrorism" clause is fairly questionable, as the PA has never fulfilled similar clauses in the past or agreed to do so.

      Huberman explained that the "settlement bloc" issue, as well, raises many questions. "To many people who are not familiar with the map," Huberman said, "it sounds impressive, as if Israel will retain a great presence in Judea and Samaria. But for those who do know the situation - and it can be seen on the ground when you look at the partition fence/wall that's being built - it's a very different picture. The blocs that are being talked about are really not very large at all."

      The blocs in question are three: The Shomron city of Ariel and environs, the city of Maaleh Adumim just east of Jerusalem, and Gush Etzion, between Jerusalem and Hevron. Huberman said that each of them presents a problem:

      "Take Ariel, for instance. We're no longer talking about a bloc, but just the city of Ariel with a little addition to the west. The communities of Emanuel, Yakir, Revavah and the like no longer seem to be under consideration. Or take Gush Etzion; the fence/wall as currently planned and built divides it in two parts, such that it's not clear whether there is any real intention to retain the communities of Nokdim, Tekoa, and El-David - which are on the 'wrong' side - or to abandon them. The same in Maaleh Adumim; it is not clear if the 'bloc' there includes Kfar Adumim, Mishor Adumim and Alon, or just the city itself.

      "But even if we assume that Sharon wants to keep the maximum area in all these cases, it still means that Israel will retain no more than 10% of Judea and Samaria. This means that when Ariel Sharon says he wants to keep settlement blocs, it means he wants to give away 90% of the area. This is practically the same as Yossi Beilin's and Labor's plans, not including Jerusalem [which the latter agree to divide].

      "And if we assume that in all of the above cases, Sharon plans to keep only the minimal areas for Israel, then it means that he is agreeing to a Palestinian state on 93-94% of the land - which is not that different than what Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat in Camp David several years ago."

      "They also did not mention [retaining] the Jordan Valley yesterday," Huberman said. "I listened carefully for that. Not to mention that the partition fence is on the Jordan River, east of the Jordan Valley, and that there is a tremendous border crossing terminal near Mecholah. All this does not bode well for keeping the Jordan Valley under Israeli sovereignty."

      "This is not just theoretical," the long-time Arutz-7 commentator and Land of Israel author said. "By looking at the fence/wall being built, we see that Sharon's party has essentially adopted the left-wing position that the fence will be a political one, not just a defensive one, that it will be Israel's final border, and that all the Jewish communities on its other side will be destroyed."

      "From a political angle," Huberman added, "it's important to note that the route of the fence/wall was actually designed by Mofaz [the current Defense Minister, who is now running for head of the Likud Party - ed.] Mofaz is the one who built it and planned it. For this reason, Sharon is interested in having Mofaz win the Likud leadership, so that it will be easier for him [Sharon] to implement his policies."
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      • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

        and another:

        Gush Etzion (or simply the Etzion bloc) is the area south west of Jerusalem that is likely to stay inside a slightly enlarged Israel "proper" which emerges after the evacuation. Kiss goodbye to Hebron, Kiriat Arba, Tekoa (which prophet was born there?) etc. Here's an article in the recent Arutz Sheva outlining how upsetting this whole wall thing has become... regards HSB
        PS for the pictures go to the original article at:

        Gush Etzion Residents Deciding Whether to Fight Partition Wall
        22:14 Nov 30, '05 / 28 Cheshvan 5766
        By Ezra HaLevi

        Gush Etzion residents are deciding whether to continue to negotiate with the authorities on the route of the Partition Wall, or to oppose the wall's construction altogether.

        Kibbutz Kfar Etzion, one of the region’s first communities reestablished after the Six-Day-War, announced last month that it rejects the building of a wall around the Etzion Bloc and would prefer it be built along the Green Line.

        Now, the rest of Gush Etzion’s communities must decide how to respond to the most invasive and significant project in the region’s history, but with an astounding lack of information being provided to the residents.

        A meeting originally billed as a vote on the wall in the community of Neve Daniel was downgraded to an informational meeting because of pressure from the municipality Tuesday.

        At the meeting, Chananya Nachlieli, a surveyor for the municipality who has extensive first-hand knowledge of the topography of all of Gush Etzion, presented maps and illustrative photographs demonstrating the negative effects of the wall and its proposed route.

        The way the fence route has been determined thus far is that IDF officers are asked to submit the best route, from a security perspective. They are then asked to submit alternative routes that are less preferred, but still somewhat defensible. When the actual building begins, numerous Supreme Court petitions are expected to be filed by local PA Arabs. In the past, the Supreme Court has ruled almost universally in favor of Arab land rights over Jewish security assessments and the preservation of Jewish-owned state lands for future growth.

        In Samaria, the communities of Alfei Menashe, Elkana, and others surrounding the city of Ariel, were originally supposed to be included on the “Israeli side” of the fence (a term which accepts the inevitability that if the Partition Wall is constructed, those behind its construction intend for it to serve as a future international border). Following numerous Supreme Court petitions, the map of the fence around the Ariel bloc now looks eerily like Gaza’s Katif bloc did before the expulsion – with three Kissufim-type fenced-on-both-sides roads leading to the communities.

        Nachlieli also outlined the fact that there are effectively two walls being constructed. The western wall is being constructed along the Green Line – Israel’s pre-1967 border. The eastern side snugly encases many of central Gush Etzion’s communities, but leaves several of the region's eastern and southern communities out. Between the two walls live 50,000 Jews and 17,000 Arabs.

        Communities that will be left outside of the Partition Wall include Hevron, Kiryat Arba, Tekoa, Nokdim, Karmei Tzur, Maaleh Rechavam, Meitzad and Pnei Kedem.

        Shimon Karniel of Kfar Etzion presented his community’s categorical rejection of the fence at the Neve Daniel meeting. Karniel stressed the fact that the Gush Etzion municipality, represented by Mayor Sha’ul Goldstein, initially agreed on a set of five red lines at which point they would lead a concerted effort against the wall. The five red lines were:

        1. The severing of Route 367 from the Ela Valley to Gush Etzion, something that will attach the quiet Arab village of Jabba to the Hamas hotbed of Tzurif.
        2. The strangulation of the community of Bat Ayin, as the wall severs the state lands earmarked for expansion of the community. The route also fences residents of the purposely unfenced community in, while leaving the high ground across from their homes in Arab hands.
        3. The severance of state lands earmarked for the expansion of Migdal Oz by the wall.
        4. The demand to include Givat HaShopim, overlooking Route 6o near Efrat's northern entrance (which will be closed) within the fence.
        5. A technological security barrier along the green line instead of a contiguous one, intended to guarantee that the fence along the pre-1967 border is not construed as an international border.

        “What happened,” Karniel said, “is that all of our demands were ignored aside from the one hill near the northern entrance to Efrat.” Karniel says that the municipality has broken its agreement and refuses to begin the struggle.

        Although the mayors have focused on the prevention of a contiguous Green Line fence, Karniel said, consisting of cameras with sensor technology or prickly-pear bushes, the route has already been flattened out and will be built “within days of any terror attack in the region, as it will be blamed on the lack of a wall.”

        Karniel insists that the claim that the wall is meant to provide any security to the residents of Gush Etzion is an utter falsehood. “The fact that 17,000 Arabs with free passage to Beit Lechem will live within the wall as well, debunks this claim,” he said.

        Karniel showed a map of post-Supreme Court-ruling Samaria, explaining that the same thing would happen to Gush Etzion once the court gets involved. The map showed the fence route shrink-wrapping the communities in the Ariel bloc, with narrow corridors linking them at three points to mainland Israel. “Each of these is a new Kissufim Corridor,” Karniel said, referring to the main route leading into Gush Katif that was often closed for hours due to roadside bombs and shooting attacks along its length. “That is what Route 60, which the Supreme Court will place walls on both sides of between Efrat and Jerusalem, will become.”

        “It is a bad fence – bad for Gush Etzion, bad for Israel and bad for those outside it,” Karniel concluded.

        Mayor Sha’ul Goldstein, representing the Gush Etzion municipality at the Neve Daniel meeting, outlined his efforts to influence the route of the fence and explained his reasons for not rejecting the Gush Etzion fence completely.

        “The fence is a purely political one that does not accomplish anything in terms of security,” Goldstein declared, going so far as to say the fence around Gaza is what directly led to the IDF’s exit from the region. “But if we have learned anything from the Disengagement, it is that when the government of Israel decides on something – it happens.”

        “Therefore, I decided to fight for the best eastern route we could get – there will never be a political agreement between the Jews and Arabs, but there will be more unilateral withdrawals and the question is how can we save the most land.”

        Goldstein believes that a struggle against the fence around Gush Etzion will be detrimental to the region in terms of tourism. “Students will stop coming if we are behind the fence – the 200,000 tourists that visited Gush Etzion, even during war time, will not come if we are on the other side of the fence. The city of Betar Illit, which is home to 30,000 of Gush Etzion’s residents, will stop growing and empty out the second word of a struggle to leave us out of the fence begins. It was just recently that [the city’s hareidi-religious] rabbis agreed to bring people there in the first place due to the perception that it is dangerous.”

        Asked about the possibility of holding a referendum of Gush Etzion residents regarding the wall, Goldstein dismissed the idea, saying that not only are residents not informed enough on the matter, but that their ability to influence the government’s decision, should they reject the eastern fence, is doubtful.

        Goldstein stunned those calling for a complete rejection of the wall by declaring, “In my opinion, we won big-time with this current map.”

        Some Gush Etzion residents are not waiting for the municipalities, saying the fence will be half-built by the time they opt for a public struggle against it.

        “Those behind the fence will be offered compensation and expelled from their homes down the road – that’s the plan,” Alon Shvut resident Shimon Yitzchak said. “But those of you who think you are improving the status of Gush Etzion and entering the consensus by agreeing to this fence are in for a surprise. We won’t even be evacuated or be offered compensation – we will just watch the value of our homes plummet and our quality of life melt away as we wait for hours at the new border crossings and sit in traffic while a suspicious bag of garbage is removed from the only road out of Gush Etzion.”

        “And you know what? In my opinion, people who would agree to sell out their brothers living in Tekoa and Kiryat Arba, who are currently due to be fenced out, would deserve whatever they get. This is the second stage of the expulsion and just as the expulsion from Gush Katif was misnamed a ‘disengagement,’ this expulsion hides behind the misnamed ‘security fence.’”


        • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

          Why would God tell us "Gog" would come to Israel if Gog were not known to be called by that name? The location of the country is not clearly identified in Ezekiel. Gog is the leader of Magog. Gog comes from the north quarters but that does not mean the land of Magog is there. Magog has coastlines but many countries have coastlines. There has to be somebody in the latter days that is referred to by the name Gog.


          • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

            Lay it to heart: you are absolutely correct that the name Gog is very important to this story. (or as the Texans might say Joj!!) I just finished doing a study of the two (yes folks there are only two) individuals named in Scripture prophecy..Cyrus, actually Koresh in Hebrew being the other. LITH If you want the whole little study send me an PM and it is yours!

            There are incredible similarities between Koresh and Gog, as well as total opposites. The impact of both men on the world turns out to be the same.."that men may know there is none beside Me"!! that's not from Ezekiel 38/39 rather that is from Isaiah 45:6 speaking about Koresh. Both men have roles that will end up in God's name being glorified. Both are summoned by name. I believe both men will be leaders of the major superpower of the day and hence will be held directly responsible for their actions regarding Israel. Now look at some of the direct opposites: Koresh is a willing servant, "led by the hand" (Is 45:1) whereas Gog will be an unwilling servant dragged in by a "hook in the jaw" (Ezek 38:4). Koresh decides to openly bless Jews richly, whereas Gog will decide deceitfully to rob them. Koresh's BIG ROLE involves facilitating the return of Jews to the ancient Land of Israel. I believe Gog's BIG ROLE will be the opposite, facilitating their removal from the ancient Land of Israel (ie the West Bank).

            Now here is a ringer!! The result of Koresh's action is that only a small remnant of Jews returned to israel..most stayed in Babylon quite happily. The result of the judgment on Gog will, in my opinion, be the opposite with Jews from America rushing back to Israel in great numbers.

            Jesus told a story of two men. One was told by his father to do something. Initially he refused but actually then went and DID it!. the second said he would do the father's will but then DIDN'T. It is a fascinating read! In the story of Koresh we have a Pagan ruler who does NOT acknowledge God (according to Isaiah 45:4) but DOES what God commands...he then receives blessing and honor for doing so, along with his country! I believe we are now witnessing the opposite emerge. Namely that a professing believer who DOES acknowledge God DOES NOT do what God commands, in fact he is doing the exact opposite of what is outlined in Ezekiel 36. I believe he will receive judgment and destruction for this, as well as for his country. Make no mistake ..what is happening in the hills of Israel today will ring down through the ages! You can tell a tree by its fruit folks. Hang on for the ride!


            • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

              An interesting news story on today.

              U.S. to take over bases in Romania

              BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) -- U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her Romanian counterpart have signed a historic pact establishing the first American military bases in a former Warsaw Pact country.

              The U.S. takeover of bases near the Black Sea -- putting U.S. forces within closer striking distance of potential targets in the Middle East and Central Asia -- would help "take terrorists off the streets" and save lives around the world, Rice said on Tuesday.

              Link to full story

              I find it interesting that with the bases that the Americans already control in Georgia, the aquiring of the bases in Romania, all but cuts off the north from an invading army from Russia to Israel. If the Gog army is coming down from the north and Russia, they would have to go through these two places (Romania and Georgia) to get to Israel. Now why would the U.S.A. not prevent or try to hinder this invasion if they were on the side of good......could it be that they may be involved with the invasion itself?



              • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

                It is the rapture of the Church that removes America from being a world power..... After the rapture the AntiChrist comes forth with his peace plan....
                some time AFTER the AntiChrists peace Russia, Iran, Egypt,,,, etc come against Israel in the Ezekiel 38/39 Gog-Magog war in the 2nd seal of Revelation....


                • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

                  Hello All:

                  Do you think that the UN is trying to send a message to Israel???

                  UN Ceremony Includes Map of ´Palestine´ in Place of Israel

                  By Ezra HaLevi

                  The United Nations held a "Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People" last week. A large map of “Palestine,” with Israel literally wiped off the map, featured prominently in the festivities.

                  Email subscribers, click here to view the article with pictures

                  The ceremony was held at the UN headquarters in New York and was attended by Secretary General Kofi Annan and the Presidents of the UN Security Council and the General Assembly.

                  During the festivities, a map labeled a "map of Palestine” was displayed prominently between UN and PLO flags. The map, with “Palestine” written in Arabic atop it, does not include Israel, a member of the UN for 56 years. The map does not even demarcate the partition lines of November 29, 1947, marking a Jewish state alongside an Arab state. The partition was dictated by the UN General Assembly itself.

                  With the map hanging behind him, Secretary-General Annan addressed the public meeting at UN Headquarters.

                  Click here to view a video clip of the ceremony with the map in the background.

                  At the start of the ceremony, the dignitaries present asked attendees to observe a moment of silence. “I invite everyone present to rise and observe a minute of silence in memory of all those who have given their lives for the cause of the Palestinian people,” the master of ceremonies said, “and the return of peace between Israel and Palestine.“

                  Anne Bayefsky, who reported on the event for the Eye on the UN organization, said that the ceremony's wording was aimed at giving honor to the worst of Palestinian terrorists. "It was a moment ... crafted to include the commemoration of suicide-bombers,” she wrote.

                  In response to the event, Bayefsky and her organization have once again asked the U.S. to withhold funding from the UN.
                  Why is the whole World against this little Country? Only because God made them His People, made them Promises, and is now keeping those Promises. We are the Generation that is watching all of these things coming to pass.

                  What a Wonderful, Glorious, and Omnipotent God we serve!



                  • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

                    Debka reports:

                    Storm of criticism on right and left wings of Israeli politics greets the statement attributed by pollster Kalman Gayer to prime minister Ariel Sharon in Newsweek

                    December 13, 2005, 10:34 PM (GMT+02:00)

                    Sharon is quoted as favoring a Palestinian state on 90pc of the West Bank and a compromise on Jerusalem. In the meantime, he would “lay the contours of an agreement with the Palestinians” by creating a Palestinian state on 50pc of the West Bank. Sharon’s office denied these statements. However, former Labor MK Haim Ramon who crossed the floor to Sharon’s new Kadima party spoke later in favor of partitioning Jerusalem by excluding Arab neighborhoods.

                    HSB: I love the way these guys leak stuff and then deny many trial balloons do they have??

                    For a great little interactive map of Jerusalem and also the west bank check out:

                    Talking about politics try this link: That guy Solana is one SHARP politician. He expertly plays all sides of the issue!

                    EU ministers ditch sensitive Israel report
                    13.12.2005 - 09:56 CET | By Lisbeth Kirk EU foreign ministers have shelved a confidential and critical report on the Israeli Jerusalem policy due to its highly sensitive nature.

                    The report was prepared by diplomats in East Jerusalem as part of Britain's EU presidency but leaked to the press last month.

                    It slammed rapid Israeli expansion of Jewish settlements in and around east Jerusalem, saying, "Israeli activities in Jerusalem are in violation of both its road map [peace plan] obligations and international law."

                    Israel is making it increasingly harder for Palestinians to travel between East Jerusalem and the West Bank, the report pointed out.

                    "Israel's main motivation ... is almost certainly demographic - to reduce the Palestinian population of Jerusalem, while exerting efforts to boost the number of Jewish Israelis living in the city", the report stated.

                    But the EU's foreign policy chief Javier Solana persuaded EU ministers on Monday (12 December) not to endorse the report, warning that its publication could undermine the EU's influence in the area.

                    "This report was a little much", the Jerusalem Post quoted diplomats as saying. "Javier Solana made clear he thought it was very one-sided and unhelpful."

                    Also, British foreign secretary Jack Straw said it was not appropriate to publish the document.

                    "The political landscape has altered within Israel - there is a general election in a few months time", he was quoted saying.

                    Germany and Italy were reported to have backed Mr Solana's view of the report as being one-sided, while Nordic countries were reported to have argued in favour of transparency.

                    Israel is due to hold elections on 28 March following Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's forming of a new political party.

                    Israel has occupied east Jerusalem since 1967, while the Palestinians claim the area as their capital.

                    The EU last month upgraded its role in the region, posting observers to monitor the Palestinian-Egyptian border crossing at Rafah.
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                    • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

                      Merry Christmas to All... and a very Happy New Year

                      While we were yet 'Sinners'... Christ died for us! No greater love than this... that a man lay down his Life for a friend! God's Plan is 'perfect'... that is because what God does... He does perfectly. And now He wants to live His Plan for me... through me. And what He does... He does perfectly! What a ride! Praise His Holy Name! Yes! Merry Christmas to All!

                      Here is an interesting read... Temple Preparedness... it's in the works! How soon before it is built? Only He knows...




                      • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

                        Happy New Year to all...

                        For those doubting Thomases out there, here is some very interesting information on the American build-up in Israel. For those who doubted last year in May as we talked about Americans [a whole Army] in Israel... well read the following... Big things are going to happen in the Middle east this year 2006...
                        Cutting Edge article this week...

                        "Back on July 10th I wrote a report on a US Base being built in Israel, A base right in the middle of Israel only 10 minutes from our international airport and right off the new Hi-way #6 that runs from Be’er Sheva to Haifa. At no small risk I might add this investigation was undertaken. That article can be read at this link .... today the below article appeared in the Israel Newspapers, this one in the English version of the Jerusalem Post. In fact, today is the big celebration of the grand opening."

                        After first learning of this huge, complex, modern base from Barry Chamish and Jerry Golden, we now learn that military commanders are planning a "big celebration of the grand opening." Listen as Golden reprints the article from the Jerusalem Post.

                        NEWS BRIEF: "Wye-era base set to open", By YAAKOV KATZ, The Jerusalem Post, december 27, 2005

                        "Agreed upon when Israel and the Palestinians were at the height of implementing the Oslo Accords, the Defense Ministry on Tuesday dedicates an ultra modern base financed and largely built for it by the Americans so Israel could more easily quit the West Bank."
                        Notice the boldly stated reason for this new forward reserve military base: [B]"so Israel could more easily quit the West Bank."[/B]

                        "The Nachshonim base on the seam-line northeast of Shoham is to serve as a home base and supply depot for a reserve armored division. Senior Defense Ministry and US officials are expected to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The new $125 million base was constructed jointly by Israel and the United States located next to Kibbutz Nachshonim south of Rosh Ha'ayin. The base is also called Nachshonim. Spread out on 1,700 dunams of rolling scrubland, the bases boasts 23,000 sq. m. of constructed space in some 210 buildings.
                        Over 23 km. of roads were paved on the base ... But the largest investment was in its logistical center for the divisional forces that include 10 separate company staging areas. It is here that, in an emergency, the division will report to be equipped and outfit their tanks for battle."

                        " 'The facility provides the IDF with a location for storing military equipment for decades', a US embassy statement said. 'With specialized storage units to control humidity and dust levels, the base will store supplies, vehicles and other equipment that artillery, infantry and armored brigades will need during a call up'. It is the third and largest in a series of bases the Americans agreed to build as part of the Wye River Memorandum. That agreement, made when Binyamin Netanyahyu was prime minister and Yitzhak Mordecahi was his defense minister, obligated Israel to relocate its military facilities from the West Bank. At least $266 million had been earmarked for this out of US aid to Israel." (Ibid.)
                        We can write this stuff... others can co-oberate it... but if people "Will not see" then they are blind... and having sight, refuse to see what is before them. "There is none so blind as those who will not see"!



                        • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

                          I am interested in knowing people's opinion on whether Sharon's illness will slowdown or speedup future plans to withdrawl from the West Bank?



                          • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

                            Hello Snoopy

                            My personal opinion on this is as follows:

                            The Withdrawal from the West Bank will slow down somewhat, but with increased pressure from USA it will quickly get moving again. In the interim, Israel will move very quickly against Iran [nuclear buildup] particularly if Netanyahu is elected. I think that this move might happen within months of his election. The USA will guarantee Israel’s security if they move against Iran, quickly. There may even be a quick move against Syria too… possible WMD’s from Iraq hidden there!

                            The year 2006 is going to be a very busy year in Prophetic Fulfillment… Watch God’s hand in many of these events.



                            • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

                              Snoopy: I think the pressure to leave the West bank is much larger than just Ariel Sharon. I see increased speed in disengagement coming, with an arab state proclaimed perhaps as early as a year to 18 months from now. Regarding the scenario outlined earlier in this thread the big puzzler is Iran. The nuclear piece may result in an air/commando attack or even a ground invasion, but that may turn into a swamp..and really scary. Look for a regime change in Tehran soon but I think it may be done quickly. Persia needs to be with Gog's team.


                              • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

                                The fight for the West bank starts to heat up again. Hebron was the capital of the tribe of Judah. before that it had giants living there, until an old man Caleb and his sons took care of them. "Give me Hebron" was the request Caleb made of Joshua. HSB


                                Posted on Thu, Jan. 12, 2006
                                Planned demolition in Amona will mark first test for OlmertBy Dion NissenbaumKnight Ridder NewspapersAMONA, West Bank - Four months after forcibly removing thousands of Israelis from the Gaza Strip, Israel is gearing up for a new showdown in the West Bank that could become a critical test for acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
                                In the coming days, Israeli forces are expected to sweep through this illegal hillside outpost and demolish nine homes vacated by court order, marking the government's first such move since last summer's Gaza pullout. At the same time, soldiers are preparing to head into the volatile city of Hebron to evict a small group of Israeli families living in the city's deserted Palestinian market.
                                After watching ideological allies ousted from their Gaza Strip homes with relatively little trouble, the West Bank settlers are vowing to mount a stronger defense in a bid to halt any attempts to force even more Israelis from their disputed homes. Few Israelis claim that Gaza is part of the biblical land of Israel, but many consider the West Bank, the biblical lands of Judea and Samaria, to be part of their country.
                                This barren, rocky hilltop and the Hebron market could become the testing grounds not only for Olmert as he takes over as prime minister from the stroke-stricken Ariel Sharon, but also for the settlement movement, which has been trying to regroup since its summer setbacks.
                                "We have to do whatever we can to stop this," said Hadassah Spitz, 28, a mother of three who has lived with her husband in a mobile home in Amona for seven years. "It's not just nine houses. It's the beginning of taking all of the West Bank."
                                Amona is one of more than an estimated 100 illegal settlements that have sprung up alongside more than 120 Israeli-sanctioned settlements strategically built across the West Bank. Under the U.S.-backed "road map," Israel is supposed to dismantle the illegal settlements as one of the first stages in establishing peace with a new Palestinian state that would include the West Bank.
                                So far, little progress has been made on either side in meeting the steps of the phased plan. Instead, Sharon opted to push his unilateral proposal to end Israel's military occupation of the Gaza Strip by removing the 8,000 Israelis last summer who lived in fortified settlements amid 1.3 million Palestinian residents.
                                Settlers who vowed to put up a fierce fight in the end showed little resistance. Sharon quickly declared victory and won international praise, even from some of his Arab neighbors, for taking the risky move.
                                How Sharon would proceed in the much more contentious and strategically important West Bank may never be known. The 77-year-old leader was felled by a devastating stroke last week and is unlikely to return to power, leaving Olmert to lead Israel and Sharon's new centrist party as it prepares for a critical March 28 election.
                                With the country and world still waiting to see if Sharon will recover, Olmert is being forced to chart his own course. How he handles the clash with Israel's own citizens could give an indication of how prepared he is to lead the nation as the possible head of a permanent government following the elections.
                                "It's the first real test for Olmert," said Dror Etkes, the director of Peace Now's Settlement Watch project who has been leading the successful legal campaign to take down the Amona houses. "It will become a critical test of how serious the government is about this."
                                Mark Regev, a spokesman for Israel's foreign ministry, said the government has no plans to back down in the brewing battle with settlers.
                                "Israel takes its road map commitments very seriously," he said.
                                In recent days, Israeli forces have clashed with settlers at different flashpoints across the West Bank. On Wednesday, soldiers demolishing temporary structures at another illegal outpost near Bethlehem used tear gas on opponents. Last week, settlers in Hebron pelted soldiers with stones and eggs when they tried to present eviction notices to eight families that have been living in a Palestinian market for three years. The evictions, expected in the next few weeks, are expected to be especially risky since the settlers in the region are among the most confrontational in the West Bank.
                                On Thursday, dozens of singing settler girls temporarily blocked the entrance to Amona amid rumors that government officials were coming to prepare for the home demolitions. Trucks carrying sleeping bags and supplies for the expected showdown zipped through the quiet hilltop streets. The homes themselves sat vacant on the far edge of the hilltop.
                                Although the number of homes is small, settlers view the plans to topple the Amona houses as the first, dangerous step in abandoning land they view as their biblical homeland.
                                "In Gush Katif, we didn't succeed," said Orit Caspi, referring to the Gaza Strip settlement. The 27-year-old settler from Hebron is leading efforts to protect Amona. "This time it will be stopped."