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Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

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  • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

    Hey, HSB -

    Don-the-wee-Baptist and I have been visiting by PM about some stuff. One of us was reminded of the old Stephen C. Chapman song, The Great Adventure, the chorus of which goes -

    "Saddle up your horses,
    We've got a trail to blaze.
    Through the wild blue yonder,
    Of God's amazing grace.
    Let's follow our Leader
    Into the glorious unknown,
    This is life like no other,
    This is the great adventure."

    So we were wondering -

    What's the plural of 'soos'?

    It is "sooses"?
    or "sooss"?
    or "soosses"?

    I kind of like "Saddle up your sooses"

    Thoughts anyone?


    • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

      Well, I just can't seem to stay away, can I?


      I noted today in Debka, the following snippet. It's buried in the article, Sharon’s Payouts for Gaza Pullout, so it would be worth reading the whole thing.
      The outcome that may now be unavoidable is a brutal, violent confrontation between the men in uniform and the citizens they are trained and geared to protect. Meanwhile, the media have been harnessed to drip poisonous snippets of “news” to discredit the anti-evacuation campaign and demonize the movement. . . .

      After losing their political battles in parliament, the anti-disengagement activists are deep in debate over their next steps. Whatever they do, they must reckon on facing a new chief of staff, new Shin Beit chief and new police commissioner - each handpicked for his willingness to carry out orders from the prime minister’s and defense minister’s offices. The six Likud ministers opposed to the removal of settlements – led by finance minister Binyamin Netanyahu – have vacillated throughout between their Likud loyalties and fear of losing their jobs. They finally came down on the latter option. . . .

      No one therefore knows how many will leave before the July 25 deadline and how many will stay and fight the thousands of police and troops descending on their homes. Gaza Strip will be declared a closed military zone at least 45 days before the forcible evacuations begin and the press will be restricted.

      But while the families due for eviction are stocking up on food and other siege provisions, the government is way ahead of them, preparing land in the Western Negev to accommodate the evictees.

      On the other hand, I see a couple of hints in Arutz Sheva, for crying out loud, that are beginning to signal resignation -
      From Disengagement to Reengagement
      . . . in the face of disengagement from the values of religion, faith, the people and the Land, we have to establish a movement of strong, large-scale reengagement that will encompass most of the nation, a movement that will work a change in our country. We have to raise up the banner upon which will be engraved in large letters, "The State of Israel is irrevocably bound to faith, religion, the people and the Land!" We have to pass on this idea, lovingly, to the entire Jewish People, without fear. The nation needs this. They are worthy of it. They shall rise up and proudly and joyously follow the banner of reengagement with love. And with G-d's help, love will win out.
      Getting pretty touchy-feely, IMHO.


      • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

        re post #511. you guys have way too much time on your need to get out more

        the plural in Hebrew for a word is normally made by adding "im". so an anglicized rendition would be 'soosim'


        • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.


          OK, here's the link to the PowerPoint presentation that has a graphic of the fault lines in Israel.

          This should take you directly to a download of the .ppt file. The fault line map is on page 9 and a brief "explanation" is on page 10 of the presentation.

          Again, the disclaimer is I have no idea of the accuracy of this info.

          Now, concerning "earthquakes" in Israel, I have found a bit more. Lambert Dolphin, on his web site states
          Therefore it would appear that one or more earthquakes prior to 64 BC was a very large event of magnitude 7 or 8. The large amount of unrelieved stress (~10 meters) along the African Rift zone today also implies a major earthquake is long overdue in the Holy Land as well as in California.
          This is pretty well buried in the middle of the article, so a full reading would be advised. I've conversed w/ Lambert a few times, and he's pretty knowledgable about many subjects. A physicist by training. Lambert has some appropriate other credentials, if you go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll see he is associated with this organization.

          Finally, at there appears to be a whole treasure trove of info about earthquakes and geological features in Israel, except, sadly, for a single little simple map of fault lines. I continue to search.

          For a (somewhat overly complicated) map of the fault lines in Israel, go to scroll about 1/3 down to "3. Seismogeinc Zones" and click on "Fig 1" and then "zoom". This seems to corroborate the material in the little power point map pertty well.
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          • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

            A highlight of Hal Lindsey`s last night TV program was that if the president understood prophecy,he would not be forcing the roadmap on Israel and trying to divide the land which was given to Israel from G-d.

            He is afraid that because of this,the USA will be entering into judgement with the arabs,but the scriptures say the surrounding arab nations will get worst of this wrath that is coming

            (note: 1.If Hal Lindsey believes this,does he still believe that Gog and Magog are Russia are he has said in the past?
            2.does Hal Lindsey believe that the USA is part of the Gog Magog invasion,but under a different name? kennygg)


            • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

              interestig article on the evacuation:

              By Megan Goldin
              GUSH KATIF, Gaza Strip (Reuters) - The Jewish settler, gun at his hip, broke down as he thought of what would happen when Israeli police arrive on his doorstep to remove his family from their Gaza Strip home.

              "It's like asking me 'If someone comes to rape your wife, what will you do?'," he sobbed.

              The settler, who called himself Haim as he did not want to reveal his real name, said he would not be tempted to draw his gun to prevent the evacuation of his family or the other 8,500 Jewish settlers from 21 settlements in Gaza this July.

              At least he thinks he won't.

              "Nobody knows how it will develop, where heightened emotions might lead to," said Haim, who is on trial accused of having beaten Palestinian motorists.

              "Someone who is a moderate could suddenly find himself doing something extreme," he said, sitting on a bench outside a synagogue in the Gaza settlement of Neve Dekalim.

              Israeli security forces fear militant settlers and supporters might use guns and explosives to try to prevent the pullout from Gaza and the northern West Bank.

              Many of the 235,000 settlers living on land occupied by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war believe the territory is part of a religious birthright and the fulfillment of a biblical prophesy that will pave the way for the coming of the messiah.

              "For them it's a dream of the redemption of the people of Israel. Leaving Gaza smashes that dream and is a complete disaster for these people," said Menachem Friedman, a professor at Bar-Ilan University and an expert on Jewish extremists.

              "They might react in a very harsh way."


              • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

                I notice this morning that Zion Oil is getting ready to punch down it's Ma'anit #1 well. The rig is going up now. 60 - 75 days from now we could see, as Moses may have prophesied: NASB
                Deu 33:13 Of Joseph he said, "Blessed of the LORD be his land, With the choice things of heaven, with the dew, And from the deep lying beneath,
                some taking the ". . .things . . . from the deep lying beneath. . ." to be oil, and
                Deu 33:24 Of Asher he said, "More blessed than sons is Asher; May he be favored by his brothers, And may he dip his foot in oil.
                As I've mentioned before, an energy-independent - or (gasp) an oil exporting Israel would be a new twist to the geo-political scene.


                • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

                  Who is the first horseman of Revelation 6? It is the white horse. Now in Revelation 19 Jesus rides a white horse but does this means the white horse in chapter 6 is Jesus. I do not believe so. The second horseman colored red represents war. The third is black which seams to bring starvation. The fourth horse was pale representing Death and Hell. These horseman are not people, they are conditions and events. White usually represents peace and purity. What about conquering? This is not God’s will. Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.” It’s now Jesus who goes out conquering to conquer. It is a bad country. But what about the white horse? I certainly don’t know but it looks like a country pretending to do good while instead seeking to control all other nations. Who else has sought to control other countries like America? Oh yes, the intent has been presumed to be good, but nevertheless, it is still to control others. We stepped into Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Cuba (Bay of Pigs), Somalia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq twice. Are there more? Has the CIA influenced any other countries? President Reagan wanted Gorbachev to tear down the wall. We have sent ambassadors throughout the world and supported the UN with more money than any other country. Who is the one is has pushed the most peace talks and the most peace plans in the Mideast. Are we the one? Not necessarily, but our history shows how a country can seek to control others in the name of peace and with pure, or close to pure, motives. This goes back to the invasion of Israel which may not really be an invasion but instead be a peacekeeping force of that country with its coalition, which appears to be justified, and which thought of to have good motives, but really goes into Israel to control it. Revelation 6 is the start of the disasters in the book. It may start with a “well meaning” peacekeeping effort into the mountains of Israel.


                  • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

                    Hi All... A Prayer request for All Israel as a Great Opportunity has been missed and the consequences look to be very divisive...


                    He has stared down Israel’s most implacable foes, stormed tenacious enemy strongholds, and commanded some of the country’s most audacious military maneuvers. But when it comes to consulting with the Israeli public, Ariel Sharon is suddenly running scared.

                    While Monday’s vote in the Knesset, rejecting a bill for a national referendum, may have been an important victory for the Prime Minister, it was, in fact, a dreadful blow to the cause of Israel’s national unity.

                    It is hard to recall a situation as politically volatile or socially precarious as the current ideological divide gripping the country. After months of bitter rancor and debate, after all the heated arguments on television and in the media, Israeli society finds itself on the cusp of an excruciatingly painful and wrenching act: the expulsion of thousands of innocent civilians from their homes.

                    This isn’t just another political issue, such as privatization of government firms, tuition hikes at national universities, or the public sector’s level of fiscal responsibility. It is something that goes to the very core of Israel’s being, impacting upon its identity as a Jewish and Zionist state.

                    And that is why, as problematic and imperfect as referendums might be, the Prime Minister’s opposition to holding one is so unfortunate. It would have been costly and no doubt inconvenient, but there is no question that a national referendum would have served to calm the agitation and still the troubled waters that are rising all around us.

                    I’m not talking about the childish and inane graffiti one sees scrawled on buildings or placards,or even the pungent slogans that are occasionally heard on the radio. The venom being hurled is reaching new lows, fueling the danger of an ongoing and deepening split within the nation.

                    Take, for example, veteran Israeli journalist Yaron London, who wrote last week in Yediot Aharonot: “The kippa is no longer an innocent head covering, but a warning sign, presumably because it identifies the wearer as a potential danger.”

                    A Jew wearing a traditional head covering out of respect for his Maker or as a symbol of national pride or religious commitment is now viewed as a “potential danger” by one of Israel’s more prominent commentators? Had the same sentence appeared in a French, a Russian, or an American newspaper, it would have been labeled anti- Semitic, and rightly so.

                    But London didn’t stop there. “What would I do,” he asked rhetorically, “if I saw a group of young kippa- wearers, tzizit flying, grouped together at the side of the freeway on a day when right-wing leaders have promised to bring the country to a standstill?”

                    Take a look at what his answer was: “If my grandson were in the car with me, I’d turn around and find an alternate way home. If I’m alone, I’ll prepare to trade blows.”

                    “Prepare to trade blows”? Is this what Israel’s civic debate has deteriorated to? Sadly, the answer appears to be yes.

                    The hot-headed rhetoric is taking on an increasingly menacing tone, and it should be of concern to us all.

                    Worse yet, because of the manner in which the Gaza withdrawal plan has been pushed forward, huge portions of the public feel disenfranchised and ignored, as though they and their opinions have not been taken into account at all.

                    Many are left to wonder: If the Prime Minister is so sure that the country backs his plan, then why is he afraid to put it to the test of public opinion? And if a majority actually opposes the withdrawal, then how legitimate would it be?

                    These questions and concerns could have been laid to rest. They could so easily have been swept aside, one way or the other, by giving the people a voice through a national referendum.

                    The growing split within the country could have been forestalled because the outcome of the balloting would necessarily have resulted in the bulk of the Israeli public accepting whatever the majority would have decided.

                    But this precious opportunity, like so many before it, has now been wasted. Instead, we face the possibility of a withdrawal that will leave an open wound on the Israeli psyche, one that will fester and rankle for decades to come.

                    The originators of modern democratic thought foresaw the perils inherent in such an approach. Take out your De Tocqueville or your Federalist papers and see the extent to which the great political theorists of democracy sought to tackle the tricky questions raised by the necessity to balance differing and competing lines of thought in a free society.

                    They bent over backwards to caution against trampling on the feelings and interests of various sectors, noting that to do so would inevitably lead to a tear in the very fabric of the social order. For a country as diverse as Israel, that challenge is even more pronounced, making it all the more regrettable that the government is unwilling to give the people a say.

                    Deep down, I think that Prime Minister Sharon knows this, but he is so insistent on moving ahead with the disengagement, that he does not wish to risk an embarrassing defeat at the polls.

                    In doing so, however, he has chosen to take an even more perilous gamble, the results of which could divide the nation as never before. Let’s just hope that does not come to pass.

                    (By Michael Freund, Jerusalem Post, March 30, 2005)

                    PRAYER FOCUS
                    God has brought the people back to Israel from over 100 nations. Cultural diversity is the norm; differing opinions abound. Pray that God will create in Zion a people who will praise His name and be a light to the Gentiles.

                    “He says: ‘It is too small a thing for you to be My servant to restore the tribes of Jacob and bring back those of Israel I have kept. I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring My salvation to the ends of the earth’” (Isa. 49:6)


                    • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

                      U.S. says Israel must give up nukes

                      The State Department Saturday called on Israel to forswear nuclear weapons and accept international Atomic Energy Agency safeguards on all nuclear activities.

                      This is the second time in about two weeks that officials in the Bush administration are putting the nuclear weapons of Israel, India and Pakistan on a par.


                      Bush is seeking to control Israel under the pretense of peace.


                      • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

                        layItToHeart: you raise some good points! Much of the battle in the world is about "Control" isn't it? There are at least two kinds of control...military and economic. I happen to think that we are VERY close to seeing the seals of Revelation broken and the first four horses released. I believe that the first white horse represents a Control that is not based on weapons, rather economics. Power is about to be consolidated in Europe in a way that is truly revolutionary. Countries that wish to continue to trade will need to meet tight and compelling expectations. Under the ENP (European Neighborhood Policy) Israel has already signed on. This is about to be confirmed as the new EU budget kicks in January 1st, 2007. It is noteworthy that if you compare Revelation 6 with Zechariah 6 the same horses are mentioned in the same order except for one (the white).
                        I believe the red horse refers to bloodshed through war, starting on the Mountains of Israel. I think it ties in with Gog's arrival and his destruction followed by the destruction of the Land of MaGog as well. The black horse seems to refer to both famine and economic collapse, both of which may be partly the result of the previous destruction. The pale horse is disease and plague. We are way overdue for a truly nasty global pandemic.
                        It is interesting that Israel is being pressured on its nuclear weapons program. I have wondered for some time if the solution to the Iranian dilemna will require the elimination of Israel's nukes. The Iranians certainly claim that they need their nukes to balance the power of Israel's nukes.
                        The single most pivotal event on the horizon is the Future of the Settlements of Israel in the West Bank. I believe as you know that the forced evauation of these settlement areas will trigger the direct physical intervention of God in history through massive earthquake activity in that region. We will then be into the endtimes sequence. The arrival of American troops to "control" the situation in Israel and bring "peace" will turn out to be a complete unmitigated disaster! other than that I have no opinion in the matter


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                          and talking about economic control from the EU read this:



                          • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.


                            Thanks for the Power Point data... it was a real hit in my Adult Bible Class this morning! Thanks...


                            • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

                              Don-the-Baptist - it was my pleasure to be of assistance

                              HSB - you keep coming up w/ web sites that have so much relevance - I may have to quit the salt mine, and spend all my time reading. I suppose you are still going to Israel later this year? Do you think you can get in and out before the runways get great big cracks in them?

                              Snoopy - I thought about you the other day, and your question about ". . . how the Jewish people could not listen and believe, in the face of such evidence . . ." (that's a loose paraphrase), when I ran across the following: NASB
                              Isa 30:9 For this is a rebellious people, false sons, Sons who refuse to listen To the instruction of the LORD;
                              Isa 30:10 Who say to the seers, "You must not see visions"; And to the prophets, "You must not prophesy to us what is right, Speak to us pleasant words, Prophesy illusions.
                              Isa 30:11 "Get out of the way, turn aside from the path, Let us hear no more about the Holy One of Israel."
                              I'm moving forward in my other extra-Exekiel 36 studies. It's interesting, to say the least. Time consuming, tho.

                              I visited a little church near us today, about which we had become curious. The highlight of the service was when the pastor announced the scriptures we would be studying, and gave the obligatory "Turn in your Bibles, please, to . . ." There was this kid (spell that young, probably college-age fellow) in the row ahead of me - who, very matter of factly opened up his laptop computer, turned it on, and "turned to the scripture" along w/ everybody else. This is truly a remarkable generation!
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                              • Re: Ezekiel 36 and the Mountains of Israel.

                                Thanks for the quotes PlumBob. It is strange how a chosen people can stray so far and still be protected by the hand of God. Gives me hope in my own stuggles in faith.