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Spiritual Warfare at Home

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  • Spiritual Warfare at Home

    Hi friends,
    I just have to ask, has anyone else felt as though the spiritual warfare in your home or life has ramped up as of late?

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    Great Point Seeking Him! For me, yes indeed. 100%. I have to battle a spirit of heaviness constantly. I am unafraid, be sure of that but the burden for Israel and all of the unsaved in the world is heavier on me now than at any other point of my 75 years on the planet. Important that we be praying for each other. Being a Watchman on the Wall isn't easy. My largest calling has not changed in 35 years, Intercessor. Satan hates Intercessors. I'm also following the visitors on the Board each day and they are Up. Praying that Wedg will make a difference.


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      No idea how I missed this thread but I'm going to 'resurrect' it so I can read and answer later - this is SO applicable to us right now.


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        Okay, this is in a basically unused forum, and I'm not seeing how to move it to the main forum.


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          I'm sorry I put it in the wrong place. I also didn't see your reply. I had to go out of town to help my son for a few weeks last month and wasn't able to check in often.