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Is it 70 jubilees since Moses & the Exodus ?

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  • Is it 70 jubilees since Moses & the Exodus ?

    Well, someone noticed it might be 70 jubilees since Moses & the Exodus...What year did Solomon begin to build the Temple??? Ist Kings 6 says 480 years after the Exodus....If it is 70 jubilees this year, Solomon would have to have started building the temple in 944 BC giving an Exodus date of 1424BC.... Which is fairly close ....we really dont know exactly for sure

    What do you think? I had thought Solomon's temple was begun about 960ish & the Exodus was a decade earlier around 1435 or so?

    Anyway, the Bro noted that all the fuss last year might have been the shout "The Bridegroom cometh"
    And that this coming fall feasts might well be...... well ......interesting
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    Re: Is it 70 jubilees since Moses & the Exodus ?

    It seems to me that there is a lot of uncertainty among the Jewish people and the prophecy people as to the actual correctness of the calendars and dates in use...thus leading to uncertainty.