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Fatah said to beg Abbas: Cancel local elections, Hamas will win West Bank

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  • Fatah said to beg Abbas: Cancel local elections, Hamas will win West Bank

    Officials say victory for terror group will mean demise of president’s party, while Israel fears PA could be discredited by electoral loss
    Officials in Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party have reportedly called on him to cancel upcoming municipal elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, fearing that rival jihadist group Hamas will secure an overwhelming victory.
    Fatah and Hamas are locked in a high-stakes struggle ahead of the October 8 vote.
    “Fatah has a reasonable chance of winning,” the officials told The Times of Israel. “The decision to go to the polls has tightened the ranks, and we are working intensely to prevent any splits or internal conflicts.”

    Fatah sources noted, with some surprise, that even those Fatah politicians affiliated with longtime Abbas rival Mohammad Dahlan appeared intent on maintaining unity, in order to bolster the party’s chances to defeat Hamas.

    According to local opinion polls and political experts, Hamas — which has been enjoying unusual popularity in the West Bank and maintains a strong base of support in Gaza — is expected to make significant gains in the upcoming elections for local councils
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    Re: Fatah said to beg Abbas: Cancel local elections, Hamas will win West Bank

    UN envoy encouraged by preparations for upcoming Palestinian local elections

    He went on to welcome last month’s signing of the electoral code of conduct by the various Palestinian political parties, and he encouraged all concerned to adhere to it. Conducting the local elections in line with established international standards can contribute to advancing Palestinian reconciliation based on Palestine Liberation organization (PLO) principles, he added.

    “This would be vital for establishing a democratic, unified Palestinian state as part of a negotiated two-state solution. However, the lack of party unity or any attempt to influence the outcome of the elections, including through intimidation, threats, violence or coercion during the election campaign, risks widening divisions and undermining the Palestinian national cause,” he said, stressing: “I urge all parties to refrain from actions that could undermine the integrity of the process.”


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      Re: Fatah said to beg Abbas: Cancel local elections, Hamas will win West Bank

      From the news area of Debka

      Cairo severs ties with Hamas for refusing to hand over ISIS associates

      Egypt Saturday broke off ties with the Gaza Strip after its Hamas rulers refused to arrest Palestinian and Egyptian individuals suspected by Egyptian intelligence of serving the Islamic State organization in Sinai, Saudi sources disclose. Hamas also denied Cairo information about the four Hamas members who crossed into Sinai last year to join ISIS. DEBKAfile adds that the four terrorists were entrusted by the Hamas military arm Ezz e-din al-Qassam with aiding the Islamic State’s fight against the Egyptian army.

      Hamas official, Mahmoud Az-Zahar, admitted that communications with Cairo had been halted, saying: “We do not play this game. Things have stopped there.”

      Egypt obviously does not buy Israel’s official contention that Hamas is pursuing Salafi elements linked to ISIS-Sinai which was offered after they fired another rocket into Israel last week.