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inside Noah's ark today

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  • inside Noah's ark today

    see the replica they just built !

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    Re: inside Noah's ark today

    Really cool.
    Commercialized, yes, but the impact is still there.
    I like they put several species of dinosaurs in it. Nice touch of additional TRUTH.


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      Re: inside Noah's ark today

      That is really awesome. Much more beautiful than I thought it would be. It makes me appreciate what an undertaking it was for Noah and his family to obey God and do such a spectacular and labor intensive work. What faith! And for the people today to replicate it and bring it to our generation! I hope they are financially successful in this endeavor. I would love to see it someday.


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        Re: inside Noah's ark today

        Some nice links at the ark's website under About the Ark.

        My wife and I went there (start post 13) and it is amazing to see. A LOT of history.

        The church is on Earth to save souls from a lost world, not to save the world from lost souls.

        Man learns about history, not from history. To learn from history requires wisdom. Cut off from God, he has none, so history repeats; no new thing under the sun.

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