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Has GOGs "hook in their jaws" already started?

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  • Has GOGs "hook in their jaws" already started?

    Ezekiel 38/39 says that GOD will put a "hook" in GOGs jaws, dragging him/them South against Israel...
    It looks to me that Russias being drug into the Syria war is the first part of this prophecy fulfilment...
    all it would take now is the terrorists ((OR a false flag)) attacking Israel and Israel's response
    to bring GOG/ Russia down against Israel....
    To their destruction, of course...
    Its all in GODs hands ... and will happen in HIS timeing ...

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    Re: Has GOGs "hook in their jaws" already started?

    Here's a thought for you Lewis

    If Iran attacked Israel right this minute would the Arab countries stand by as Iran got Israel in their sphere of power?? No they wouldn't.
    And Israel is part of the Arab Union and the Mediterranean Union.(The Arab Union is part of the Mediterranean Union)

    Other regional issues, such as fighting in neighboring Syria and including Turkey in a regional Mediterranean bloc, are also expected to be on the agenda.

    There was a time but today......things have changed.

    My my my what a brawl that would cause.
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