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Obama to make historic trip to Cuba in March

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  • Obama to make historic trip to Cuba in March

    He will be joined by his wife, Michelle, travelling to the island on 21 to 22 March, before embarking on a two-day visit to Argentina, the White House said in a statement.

    "This historic visit - the first by a sitting US president in nearly 90 years - is another demonstration of the president's commitment to chart a new course for US-Cuban relations and connect US and Cuban citizens through expanded travel, commerce, and access to information."

    He will be the first US president to visit Havana since Calvin Coolidge in 1928 - President Harry Truman visited the US-controlled Guantanamo Bay in 1948, and former President Jimmy Carter has visited Cuba several times since leaving office.

    President Obama is expected to meet members of civil society, entrepreneurs and "Cubans from all walks of life".

    But Republican presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, both sons of Cuban migrants, said the visit was a mistake.
    On Tuesday, US and Cuban officials signed a deal to resume commercial air traffic for the first time in five decades.

    However, the Republican majority in the US Congress has blocked Mr Obama's call to end the longstanding trade embargo.

    The embargo limits trade and also bans US tourists from visiting the island.
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    Re: Obama to make historic trip to Cuba in March

    I was in the 3rd grade during the Cuban missile crisis. I remember practicing hiding under my desk, which I guess must have been lead lined hardened steel because that was supposed to protect me in the event of nuclear war. I say that to point out that I understand why the trade embargo was imposed over 50 years ago. I honestly don't understand why it's necessary to this day. Yes, I know that Cuba is an evil communistic dictatorship. However, we as a nation engage in trade with many such nations. Trade sanctions are routinely applied and lifted based on current threats or compliance with policies designed to minimize those threats. Could somebody please explain to me what would be the negative consequence, at this point in time, of re-opening trade and tourism with Cuba?