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Winter Santa Anna... ElNino ... Global climate _______ :)

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  • Winter Santa Anna... ElNino ... Global climate _______ :)

    Crazy weather here . a mid winter Santa Anna bringing t-shirt weather... almost 80 degrees and it may last the next 10 days... My Freestone peach tree started flowering 3 days ago, again a month early...6 inches of rain this year starting with our mid August hurricane ... first San Diego hurricane (OK, tropical storm in maybe 100 years !!! so far its been dry For an El Nino year... we usually get 11 inches of rain from August to august...

    And NO the city wont hire a rain maker... last time they did that was during the 1916 drought, they had so much rain dams burst, the railroad was washed out, and everyone was soggy for weeks.... and NO they didn't pay the rainmaker... he left town -suddenly- to avoid being lynched