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    1. Please remember to honor the Lord in this thread.
    2. No real moderating will be enforced.
    3. Questions, comments, alternate positions are welcomed
    4. Please see number 1.

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    Re: Dreams and Visions Thread

    The following is a description of a dream I had on Saturday, January 23, 1993 -- a dream which I believe prophesies the event that will trigger the Rapture. The dream was in two parts.

    In the first part, I was standing in my bedroom, and I was facing east (towards Jerusalem [I was in Elkhart, Indiana at the time]), and I knew I was in God the Father’s presence (but I didn’t see Him), and I asked Him, “When will the end be?” (and I meant the Rapture); and He said, “When it is spoken by Iraq”.

    In the second part, I was in my kitchen, and I saw a man dressed in a white robe standing beside my round, wooden kitchen-table, and I saw him three times place a white, sealed envelope (three separate envelopes) on the table, and each time he did, he turned to me and said, “Here is a message at 9 o’clock”.

    At the time I had the dream, I was not sure what it meant. I thought for awhile it might mean that the Rapture would occur sometime soon when Iraq would declare war on the United States or Israel (around 9 a.m. or 9 p.m. Indiana or Israel time). What I am now fairly certain that it means is the following:

    • The “message at 9 o’clock” prophesied the Israel/PLO peace agreement which was signed in Washington, D.C. at 11:43 a.m. on September 13, 1993 A.D. (September being the 9th month = “9 o’clock”).
    • “When it is spoken by Iraq” I believe means that the Rapture will occur when Iraq announces something (of prophetic significance) publicly (probably that it will agree to a peace treaty with Israel, which would in essence be agreeing to be a party to the 7-year Antichrist-confirmed peace Treaty prophesied in Daniel 9).

    Something else that is interesting about the dream is that if I had the dream at 3:43 a.m. (Indiana time) that Saturday morning (which is quite possible, given that I had gotten to sleep around 11:00 p.m. or so Friday night, and had woken up around 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning), then the Israel/PLO peace agreement was signed exactly 7.7777 "Biblical" months (of 30 days each) later (that is, 233.3333 days later). I don't believe that is coincidental.


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      Re: Dreams and Visions Thread

      I had a dream about the rapture. It was just a dream but I believe The Lord used it to bring me peace. I don't know where exactly it was but I was with my three adult children. Now to set the stage so to speak, I raised my kids in the knowledge and admonition of The Lord. As children and then as adults the gospel was given to them by myself and supported by our church and close friends of ours. But as all know sometimes the walk with The Lord as teenagers gets somewhat rocky. And so knowing the rapture is imminent I became distressed and worried about if each child has indeed been born again or merely had head knowledge . And so the dream became a comfort to me. It began with me in a room and suddenly a bright shimmering light appeared around and on me. And I knew the rapture was taking place and I looked around in awe and then I saw all three of my children there and each of them were also shimmering and my heart leapt for joy because I knew then that my children were going home with me and the rest of my loved ones.


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        Re: Dreams and Visions Thread

        I wrote this immediately after the dream April 18,2010 so I wouldn’t forget it. I have edited it for some detail I missed in writing it so quickly and for a few rambles.

        Wow!--I just had an amazing dream of the rapture.

        I was in a field alone and watching the evening turn into night with my PUniverse iphone thing observing the rise of planets as blue turned to black. I was in the field looking at the constellations, I was looking at the planets come up and they were really big--you know how the moon seems big when it rises.

        I remember looking at Venus and Mars but Mars (red) rose first and I was puzzling why Mars rose first, then Venus. I think that Venus should rise first? I could be wrong)--Anyway today April 19-2010 when I read the morning “World Net Daily” article on Bootes --it had a picture of a blood moon in the article--and this morning I wondered whether it was a blood moon I was seeing rising first and not Mars.

        The night filled with loud sound it was all around echoing and I felt myself caught up with thousands--thats exactly what it felt like--being snatched away in immediacy. My body started to feel the rush of air pass through it as it travelled in the heavens and I could see shadows of colour and white clouds around me as my molecules like dead skin were being shed.

        I could feel the shedding and at the same time I was receiving newness of substance and light to wrap me in light ---I could feel the cold rush by me being replaced with a warm mink coat sort of feeling --snuggly, bright and happy.

        Suddenly we all arrived at a beautiful shiny silver space-like ship of super-size (black trim) and Jesus said we had to travel in this briefly with Him to go through the powers of the air. He knew the way and
        He had authority. I asked him what about the thousands of others I saw in the snatching up and then I knew that they had ships as well and Jesus was with them too. These ships looked big enough for a thousand people.

        I asked how I knew this and Jesus laughed and said “the old man is gone now Wendy you are a new creation in Me, all things are new”. Isn’t this like saying--the sanctification process if finished --you are glorified?

        I didnt know any of the people around me on the way up or in the ship no familiar faces that I remember but I did know everything about them and the feeling of love and unity was really great. Then then I said something to Jesus about this being a slow twinkling of an eye. People laughed and His answer was "yes, but now you are beyond your time dimension--and I knew it "--it was like the slow motion of a car accident, not really slow but seeming so within the perspective of being there.”

        When we went through the heavenlies we were pelted with meteor things and it was bumpy but brief --I saw cities in a glittery bluey pink --these were the strongholds of the ‘powers of the air’ who were falling down. We passed through it in Christ and almost immediately Jesus said “brace yourselves because eye has not seen nor ear heard what you are about to see” and then everything was filled with a golden light---a light sparkling golden like molten glass city and then we we out of the ship which had melted away like evaporation.

        (end of dream)

        This is when I woke up , heart racing and pumped full of adrenaline. I was so full of adrenaline I had to get up while I remembered details and write them down.

        I usually dont dream, when I do I dont remember vivid details and they are disjointed--this was not. I never dream in colour and this was. I have never flown but I was doing that with no fear and when I met everyone in the air beyond our time dimension---we were all so excited and laughing and full of this cool joy and there
        was Jesus and it was like he was saying---”this is what I have been telling you about---you are seeing how amazing it is”----there was a warmth and unity and individuality at the same time and it was all very cool. I had looked down at one point and saw Yogi--my dog and felt "oh of course he would be with me on the ride up"-but he never got all shiny and glowing through.

        Okay don’t brand me as an apostate now( I’m a Baptist)--but I thought I would pass this on as one day soon we will pass through the heavenlies on our way to the heavenly city if we have been saved by Christ in His blood atonement .



        I never have thought of giant space ships transporting us from the twinkling of the eye part of the rapture. The blue pinky city place with the meteors was beautiful but in an "oh that's beautiful sort of way"--not entirely out of what we might see on earth--that was the habitations of the powers of the air.

        But the heavenly city was bright
        and gold and if it weren’t for the change in body I dont think I could have endured it---so different yet home too. No fear just amazement!

        The weird thing is I have never associated space ships with the rapture--never never never. I also have never even contemplated the twinkling of the eye to be a dimensional thing and almost a two stage thing 1.(the snatch and change part-meeting Christ in the air as this happens) and then 2.(the space ship trip with Christ through the powers of the air domain which seemed to be falling in chaos).-----I'm just saying this was a dream and
        I am not saying this is what it will be like.

        The body change was like an emptying and filling at the same time--I cant explain it but it was sooo coool. I cant find the words. Never was there any fear like there can be in dreams.

        I have no impression of the Heavenly city after we landed and the ship just was there and then was not there. It was weird that all the people around me I didnt recognize but I knew them. I mean they werent people or faces that I know from earth.

        One more thing when we were in the ship we were standing ( like with Jesus in Ephesians we are to stand in the armour in our position in Him when we go through warfare--- that thought comes to mind) and Jesus was among us if I talked He was with me like in an intimate conversation but when I was just standing or soaring He was not so close to touch but my eyes were riveted on him.

        I dont remember details of him except a shimmering garments and glowing face I didnt look for nail prints now that I think of it. I wish I did. I didnt feel like Daniel did when he met the angel and came undone, I felt in awe but like I knew Him in a comforting calm sort of way.

        The body changing and snatched feeling I still remember and like I said its fast but slow at the same time like a car accident--I think the mind cant 'get' it.

        Any way it was so cool to think wow--the rapture its just around the corner.

        Something connected?

        This is in regard to thoughts on the rapture dream. Is it co-incidence that last night in the eve of the dream I got out my iphone PUniverse and only because I was bored at a hockey game, not because I was thinking of the dream, I just started looking for Bootes and the star Arctures as it is a very bright one.

        This morning I woke up and went to WND which I do sometimes from time to time. What WND had on its front page this morning was about Bootes.

        Anyway today when I read the WND article on Bootes --it had a picture of
        a blood moon--and this morning I wondered whether it was a blood moon I was seeing rising first in my dream and not Mars. I think the Moon can rise before Venus but I am not that studied in Astronomy yet to know about this----it was a thought that struck me this morning as I was reading WND. Does this mean anything to someone who may have interpretation of dreams?

        Also --it is really really co-incidental that I was specifically looking at Bootes last night and locating the stars in it esp. the star Arcturus which is a very very bright one . This is what made me notice and look at the WND article. Bootes the Warrior with sickle returning. Bo-meaning come and Arterus meaning assemble --the star mentioned in Job 9:9, and ref to 2nd coming 19:25,26
        the resurrection and return of Christ.
        My Stars! Is the 2nd coming of Jesus Etched in the Sky?

        Is this all related to my dream?

        Also I was asking the Lord about this dream yesterday and didnt really get any response. But this morning I was filing my Precept Corinthians books and remember the time line I did and the lesson I taught on 1Cor 15--the Resurrection chapter and how difficult initially it was for me to lay out the 2nd Coming divorced from the rapture and then adding verses supporting the rapture as they came in later in the chapter --it seems easy for me to jump to rapture conclusions and then mixed up with doubts. God really helped me in doing this lesson. Well at one point I had prayed for Him to lead me in His truth according to the right division of His Word and reassure me that I am following His teaching on Rapture not mans. Well the lesson came together supernaturally-I think--esp teaching it to Kingdom-Now people.

        Now my thought about the Rapture
        dream is that God is just confirming what He showed me in scripture because of my prayer. Anyway--if you understand my ramblings--those are my conclusions this
        morning April 20,2010.


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          Re: Dreams and Visions Thread

          Way back in the eighties when we only had one child and my wife was not yet a Christian I had a very quick vision of myself, my wife and two boys being taken up and around us was like ribbon of gold with measurements of some sort marked on them. Late that year we had a our second child which was a boy. Also later that year my wife became a Christian - both my boys at some stage have given their lives to the Lord but have got caught up with the ways of the world as they got older. It is most reassuring to know that their future's as well as my own are wrapped up in the Grace of God.


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            Re: Dreams and Visions Thread


            Astonishing 1968 Prophecy by 90-Year-Old Woman


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              Re: Dreams and Visions Thread

              This is beyond amazing.
              Ex-Hezbollah operative/Jihadist finds Jesus through amazing visions.


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                Re: Dreams and Visions Thread

                I hope this ok to share here. I was moved by this man's testimony

                Flight To Heaven


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                  Re: Dreams and Visions Thread

                  Thanks for sharing Denise...I was 'riveted to my seat' watching that!


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                    Re: Dreams and Visions Thread

                    Hi Gail,

                    I was wondering if you know the name of the interviewer? We used to see his show here in Australia years ago - when he was much younger - and I always remember liking his level headed way of doing things. No hype or showiness.




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                      Re: Dreams and Visions Thread

                      Hi Mel,

                      Did you mean the interviewer in Post #8, if so, his name is Jim Cantelon, the interview was on 100 Huntley St, a Christian Program, July 2010. Huntley St is broadcast out of Burlington, ON, Canada
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                        Re: Dreams and Visions Thread

                        Originally posted by cnav View Post

                        Did you mean the interviewer in Post #8, if so, his name is Jim Cantelon, the interview was on 100 Huntley St, a Christian Program, July 2010. Huntley St is broadcast out of Burlington, ON, Canada
                        Yes thanks so much - I thought he was Canadian - I am not one much for hype so I always enjoyed his programs - now that I have his name I'm sure I will be able to find his stuff online.

                        Bless you,



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                          Re: Dreams and Visions Thread

                          Why NWO elite, Masons, expect Armageddon about 2022...

                          Why the mad rush the last 80 years for global government?
                          I saw a history channel program about this...
                          Centuries ago, perhaps by someones datesetting—or perhaps by occult means,
                          someone in the Masonic order determined that, in his opinion, Armageddon would occur 569 years after the Eastern Roman empire was onerrun by the Mosloms....which would be about the year 2022....

                          Most of the founding fathers were Masons... When the city of Washington was built, the Washington monument's heighth incorporated this end of days timeline belief...

                          We must also note that for centuries many Bible commentors including Sir Issac Newton, expected Jesus 2nd coming at the end of the 6th day (6000 years) since creation to be folowed by the 7th day (1000) years of Jesus reign.... The problem was when did the calendar start? Newton expected the end of the 6th day about 2030 in our calendar...

                          I'd say they were amazingly being right.. certainly Satan knows his time is very short
                          and everything shows that the rapture IS imminent



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                            Re: Dreams and Visions Thread

                            Hi Denise! I watched this gentleman's video and was impressed by his testimony of how God directed his life. I decided to buy the book and read further about his experience. I am fully convinced that his story is credible. This man's life is a genuine witness of a surrendered servant of the Lord. The account of his Heavenly experience was a blessing and encouragement to me. Thank-you, for sharing it!

                            Originally posted by Denise View Post
                            I hope this ok to share here. I was moved by this man's testimony

                            Flight To Heaven


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                              Re: Dreams and Visions Thread

                              I recently read this man's book, and felt within my spirit that he was sincere and truthful. I encouraged a friend of mine, who is a pilot and having some spiritual issues, to read it. I hope he did but not holding my breath.
                              Simon Peter answered him,"Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." John 6:68

                              ><> YSIC, Sue C <><