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    Playlist by Jonathan Cahn. I'm really enjoying these short vids - his knowledge/insight into the languages and applications to us through Christ, are really something.

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    One of my favorite things about Jonathan Cahn is that he does not bloviate. He has a subject and stays laser focused. I find so many of these "teachers" just go on and on to hear themselves talk which is annoying.


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      So true.
      Having done some public speaking myself, and dealing with lifetime ADHD, I am well aware of how hard it is to stay on task/subject. Thus, the next public presentation I'll be doing (June 6th - wouldn't mind if a couple prayers were offered on my behalf!) I have copious notes that I am practicing over and over, so I can deliver the msg and NOT let my wandering mind take me to subjects that start off being related but end up rabbit-trails. For sure, it does SEEM (to us - only God knows what's going on) that some just like to hear themselves talk and I'd also suspect some of them are just full of pride and think that everyone should be impressed by their "many words".
      My thoughts: If someone struggles with staying on subject - go to the presentation with notes/outline/whatever it takes! It takes a ton of practice to memorize an entire presentation, then deliver without deviation.

      Yes, I thoroughly enjoy brother Cahn but do occasionally disagree with him (as with anyone who teaches the Word - no one is perfect!). I think he said something in the first one that I sorta shook my head at, but I don't recall now what it was.