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    Most interesting - nothing surprising, but sure had my attention. Remove the space in the link.


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    What I find interesting is how it connects with ptsd. I didn't listen to the whole thing but I did hear the Snippets from Pastor JD's update. And I thought about how the amygdala can become programmed to think that anything is a threat and how that fight or flight response really has four components, fight, fight, freeze, or fun. People fun when they decide that the best remedy for dealing with anxiety is to draw closer to and identify with a problem because they have been conditions to think that either the solution is worse or that there isn't any other solution. Thus you have people who refuse to leave their abusers.

    I have talked to a lot of people who do not watch the news anymore because it really is traumatizing. Just the constant battering of horrible stories is something that can easily trigger those kinds of problems, causing people to want to flee into something that is safe. And our faith may be enough, but the way our brains are wired even that is sorely tested if we try to inundate it with bad stuff all the time. And yet that is just what the world does nowadays.
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      That may be the most horrifying video I've ever seen. My ears perked up when the Doctor started talking about the WEF and their plans for all of this from years ago. The timing on all of this is just too coincidental. I am so grateful I didn't get the MRNA vax, but I did have mild Covid and I can truly relate to what Tucker had to say about how he felt when he had it. I may need to buy this book. It also reminded me of this video I have saved from YouTube for a few years and I'm posting a link to it here because the 2 tie in so well together. Lord have mercy on us all.


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        I think what stunned me a bit was Tucker. He seemed to genuinely be in shock and admits this is a depth of evil that is incompressible (my words). The look on his face is one I've not seen with him, although I admit I rarely watch him.

        Again, it's not surprising in that we know there are DEEP, DARK forces behind what we've been seeing for years but - yes, it was disturbing to watch. Sure is starting to make perfect sense on how easily the future man of sin will take control and drive the masses in whatever direction he so chooses.

        Revelation 6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

        Interestingly, the word translated "bow" there is the Greek τόξον (toxon) from which we get, "toxin" (I just did some digging to find that to be true).


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          "Interestingly, the word translated "bow" there is the Greek τόξον (toxon) from which we get, "toxin" (I just did some digging to find that to be true).[/QUOTE]

          Well Brother Andy, my jaw dropped when I read that. Toxin. I used to watch Tucker a lot when he was on Fox but now it is catch is catch can. Tucker is a professing Christian, has been for many years. He recently shocked everyone when discussing UFOs he said he believes that they are real but that there is a "great evil" behind it. That floored a lot of people.

          We are seeing so much now that is different than what we were able to see 20 years ago that I think we have to look at a lot of the end times prophesies and pray for new eyes to see. Can you imagine any of the OT prophets being able to even grasp a lot of what we are talking about with science these days? I am sure they did their best at writing it all down but they wouldn't have had a glimmer of any concept of the technology but the one thing they knew for sure was the Evil involved.


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            Indeed, GH.
            What I found was that the Greeks would dip the tip of their bows into a toxin so it would kill, even if the shot wasn't a kill-shot. My mind "took off" from there...visualizing the AC using a toxin as a huge weapon to kill those that oppose him...without 'firing a shot'.

            This verse is also the only time that Greek word appears in our bible, but that's also the only time "Bow" is used as any type of weapon vs "to bow down". I'm not versed enough in the use of the Septuagint to see if τόξον shows up in the OT.