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Israel Is Striking Back At Iran

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  • Israel Is Striking Back At Iran

    Happening now!
    A Moment Gone Is Lost Forever
    A Moment In Prayer Will Last Forever

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    That should say Iran..not Iron
    A Moment Gone Is Lost Forever
    A Moment In Prayer Will Last Forever


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      I'm having a hard time confirming this. Supposedly US officials have told ABC News about this but - no one else knows about it, including our Israeli sources? And they only told ABC?
      Strange and I hope we can get more confirmation, one way or another.


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        It is being reported on Fox, CNN, Breitbart, Arutz Sheva and more. Not a lot of details right now. Iran, Syria and Iraq.


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          Yes, Amir is now confirming.
          This is the first time in decades that I first heard news about an Israeli attack from our local Fox channel, who said they got it from ABC.
          NOW Israeli sources are confirming.

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            Something in me was saying that all this stuff about waiting till after Passover or Israel bowing to American pressure was misinformation. Something interesting too listen to since I can't sleep right now.
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              I think Israel has stunned the Persians.
              They proved they can decimate the air defenses with complete impunity and could just as easily hit the nuclear facility just a few hundred feet away - the same facility the defenses were supposed to be defending...after them sending an "impossible" attack their way.

              Israel - 1
              Iran - 0

              Wait - that's wrong.

              God - infinite
              Mankind - dust