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Israel on Highest Alert Amir Tsarfati Just Released

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  • Israel on Highest Alert Amir Tsarfati Just Released

    Pray for Israel. Just released this a.m. from Amir. Starts about 4 minutes into it, I don't know why he always has such a large lag in his videos.

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    Here it is advanced to where he starts (opening lag time removed).


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      Sure can't help but wonder if this is when we're going to clearly see God's hand protecting Israel. The MASS of weapons now right on Israel's northern borders (Lebanon and Syria, specifically) is unfathomable - all pointed at TINY Israel..."tiny Israel" being protected by an INFINITE God.


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        I messaged my sister the following and would sure love opinions on this. Does what I told her sound accurate?

        btw, I know Amir understands things way better than I do but I find it hard to think Iran or Israel is concerned about them having ONE nuke...that this alone would be a huge deterrent. Having a bomb is one thing, being able to deliver it thousands of miles away and have it detonate as desired, is a WHOLE new set of challenges. Nations have to test and test and test these things before they believe they are ready for weapon deployment. If Iran were to conduct ONE test, the world would know about it.
        An untested nuke is hardly a threat to a nation like Israel.
        She then asked:
        Dumb question... if Iran was texting nukes somewhere, would the world..or Israel... know it?
        My response:

        Not a dumb question at all.
        No nation that's been CLOSELY watched via satellite can test a nuke w/o it being known. The size of explosion, radiation detection, etc. Even underground (like N. Korea) can be surmised by seismic readings. A quake registers one way, an underground nuke test another (AS I UNDERSTND IT. I'm no expert but do remember when N. Korea was doing that and the world knew and was up in arms about it due to what that does to tectonic plates (go figure)). ANY above ground would instantly be known. And a first-nuke by an emerging nation would be very small yield...enough to badly damage a tiny nation like Israel? Sure, but certainly not enough to wipe out a major city. Retaliation would be devastating. I do not believe they would DARE use a nuke on Israel.
        But they don't behave rationally so, who knows.


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          Hmm...was it the plates or the earth's mantle or - crust or - what? I'm second-guessing myself. I just vaguely recall something about concerns that their deep under-ground testing was potentially causing real earthquakes.


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            It's possibly even more concerning if they use nukes that have not been tested. Where would they go?

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              Yeah, if they're insane enough to have such hatred they're insane enough to test them by dropping them on Israel itself.

              It looks like attacks are starting, though we don't know how much. At least they didn't wait till Passover, which is what I'd beenpraying would be avoided. Given how the Jews' enemies have attacked on Feast Days even going back to the Holocaust (I think the evacuation of Danish Jews happened after the order was given to round them up on Rosh Hashana.)
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