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"This Is HUGE. Putin Exposes The CIA"

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  • "This Is HUGE. Putin Exposes The CIA"

    I really enjoy this dear lady (that I believe is a sister in Christ).
    She pulls no punches, has a SOLID head on her shoulder and isn't afraid to take on "the system".
    Candidly, I was not interested enough in the 2hr interview by Tucker to watch the whole thing.
    This vid is about 35 min and she hits some significant highlights and adds her wise comments.

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    I like Candace Owens and remember when she started with Prager U. The CIA has been rotten to the core for decades. I am convinced, as is RFK, Jr. that they are responsible for the assassination of JFK. They are a rogue agency that needs to be disbanded. They are behind half of the coups and unrest around the globe and Putin knows it. Americans seem to be awfully trusting of government agencies when there is a ton of evidence proving that they cannot be trusted and I'm pretty sure the upper echelon of the FBI is corrupt to the core as well.
    Btw Brother Andy, the 2 hour interview with Putin goes much faster if you read the transcript, which is what I did. I learned a lot about Russian history and Ukrainian history. Very worth the read--you're not waiting for all the translation.