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Jerusalem has a problem that isn't going away! Kaddis-Tal

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  • Jerusalem has a problem that isn't going away! Kaddis-Tal

    This was fascinating, albeit very long (1hr, 40m). Took me a couple days to get through it but - well worth the time. There are several names they toss around that I don't know, but - what I did understand really opened my eyes to a few things.

    February 6th, 2024 LIVE!!! We’re LIVE in studio with David TaL!!! The prophet Zechariah was used by the LORD to predict this would happen in the last days and make no mistake, we are watching this in living color! Today we’re going to describe the problem and what comes with it. This is one live stream you don’t want to miss!!!
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    I finally watched most of this. I've never heard of either of these men before. Honestly you can start it at about 12 minutes and skip all the self promotion. Bottom line: Israel has a moral dilemma. They want to save the hostages, if they're even alive at this point but in order to do so they will have to "negotiate" with Hamas/terrorists. Every time Israel winds up releasing 100 terrorists/Hamas from prison for maybe 1 hostage. Until Israel is willing to let the hostages die and stop negotiating with terrorists, this cycle will never end. Jews value life (although most support abortion), Hamas values Death for the cause with 62 virgins waiting in paradise. Therein lies the conundrum. And this is actually the teaching of Islam at its core. Mohammed created an evil death cult. They are Barbarians who torture, tape, put babies in ovens and bake them alive, and worse. It is ugly. Jesus told us "Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy."
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