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The Day That Changed the World

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  • The Day That Changed the World

    This is an outstanding interview by Jan Markell with Michele Bachmann. Years ago she actually stayed at the kibbutz where so many were killed.
    Jan Markell talks to Michele Bachmann for the hour. Many are saying that October 7 was a day that changed our world. It appears the whole world has reverted to Germany in the 1930s. Strong delusion is

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    Thanks Gma Ruth. I generally find Jan Markell kind of irritating because she tends to drag a topic out but Michelle Bachman is always wonderful. This is very worth the time. Michelle brings insight from her days of living on a kibbutz in Israel and her experience in Congress that add real value here. And I agree. Oct. 7th was a wake up call not only for Jews but for Christians as well. There is no going back. The evil unleashed on that day is just the beginning. Nowhere on the planet is really safe anymore. Satan has shown his hand and there is no way you can't "unsee" it.


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      This ties in so perfectly with the "Minneapolis" presentation.
      The spirit of darkness is being unleashed like we've never seen.