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A peace deal with Saudi Arabia could become part of Netanyahu’s legacy

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  • A peace deal with Saudi Arabia could become part of Netanyahu’s legacy

    A peace deal with Saudi Arabia could become part of Netanyahu’s legacy, but at what cost? | All Israel News

    The Saudis expect to see Israel jumpstarting negotiations with the PA toward the end-goal of a complete separation between the two sides – a ‘two-state’ solution. In addition, they have their own list of demands from Washington.

    Normalizing ties with Israel, will cost the Biden administration the resumption of weapons’ sales to the Saudi Kingdom. In addition, the Saudis are demanding the U.S. help them establish nuclear power and form a bilateral defense treaty, similar to NATO.

    For such a deal to materialize, the U.S. would first require the Israeli government to give up on its reform agenda to overhaul the country’s justice system, according to the News 12 report.

    While talks appear to be in their initial stages, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen told Al-Monitor earlier this week that he believes some kind of breakthrough between Israel and Saudi Arabia could well take place by the end of the year.

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    Judicial reform protestors gather across the nation for 21st week, following approval of two-year state budget | All Israel News

    IDF intelligence chief warns Nasrallah is 'close to making a mistake' that would trigger a major regional war | All Israel News
    Hezbollah chief Nasrallah hits back at IDF Intel head amid rising regional tensions | All Israel News

    'Missionaries go home': Hundreds protest Christian worship near Western Wall | The Times of Israel
    Hundreds of devout Jews, including Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Aryeh King, stage a protest at the near the Western Wall in Jerusalem over what they are describing as Christian worship at the holy site.

    The protest at the Davidson Center coincides with the final day of a 21-day period of prayers and fasting by Christians “for the increase of God’s salvation promises and plans for Jerusalem and Israel,” as organizers of those activities describe it.
    Christian worship in Jerusalem is a boon for the Israeli economy thanks to hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who visit the country annually, and for the country’s relations with predominantly Christian nations and audiences.

    Many Israelis oppose proselytization by some Christian groups — including those that self-identify as Messianic Jews — to Jewish Israelis. King, the far-right deputy mayor, cites both Christian worship at the site, which is holy to Jews, and proselytization by Christians as the reason for the protest.

    King in a statement hails those who came to protest the decision by the Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem, which is responsible for the Davidson Center.

    “To allow Christian missionaries to hold a Christian worship and ceremony designed to prepare a missionary effort directed at Israeli residents,” he said. “It is a dignified and just protest against a government company that allowed this, and against the missionaries. As far as I’m concerned, let every missionary know they are not welcome in the Land of Israel.”
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      Far-right proposal saying gov't policy must adhere to 'Zionist values' set for vote | The Times of Israel
      Cabinet motion scheduled for Sunday asserts Jewish right to settle all ‘Land of Israel,’ including West Bank, seeks to better implement contentious Nation-State Law

      Netanyahu, Ben Gvir rip into AG over 'Zionist values' resolution as vote postponed | The Times of Israel
      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and far-right National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir were strongly critical of the attorney general during Sunday’s cabinet meeting over a proposed government resolution to assert “the values of Zionism” in government policy, particularly over land allocation, construction planning and benefits for those who perform military duty.

      Likud bill targeting NGOs' foreign funding set to be shelved amid uproar | The Times of Israel
      A contentious bill that would significantly limit Israeli civil society groups’ ability to accept donations from foreign governments will be shelved, at least temporarily, following sharp criticism from key Israeli allies including the US, Germany and France.


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        Can't help but think that Bibi knows full well that the PLO will NEVER accept any 'deal' that gives the so-called two-state solution. This was proven when Arafat was in charge and was offered, and just kept saying, "No" - never negotiating.

        They can't accept any deals bc their only acceptable offer is total takeover, so - Bibi being the strategist he is could very well understand this deal with Saudi only helps Israel AND Saudi. Saudi gets help against Iran and Israel gets the most strategic Muslim nation in the world as a trade-partner. How many more Muslim nations would quickly fall into line?

        Me thinks we're seeing, "The many" come together - and Israel is depending on these godless nations instead of the God of Jacob...repeating mistakes of her past.


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          Indeed Andy.
          Bibi is trying to do the same thing he did when it was Trump. The Saudis however saw through it. Now the Saudis have brought Syria back into the fold. They are attempting to bring the Arab Union back together and strengthen their (Saudi and the Arab Union) position in the world system.

          They also read..
          Bill to ban waving Palestinian flags on campuses temporarily shelved by ministers | The Times of Israel
          US laments 'rising trend' of settler violence after 4 Palestinians hurt by gunfire | The Times of Israel

          But there is also Iran to be considered....
          Iran exchanges heavy gunfire with Taliban on Afghan border, escalating tensions over water rights |

          The Taliban and Iran getting into it.

          US warns of 'serious threat' after Iran unveils new ballistic missile | The Times of Israel


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            For the record, I sure do love your "nose" for amazing news.

            I've been so burdened lately for my stepdaughter. We see her almost daily and have the wonderful priv of babysitting her two younguns (12 and 6), and she depends HEAVILY on us.
            I do not believe she knows Jesus.
            I'm so sure the rapture is right at hand I've just been so saddened at what her TERROR would be losing both her children and both of us, in an instant.
            I am aware so many of us have lost loved one and share this but for "some" reason it's been REALLY heavy on my heart lately.
            Just makes me wonder if this is God's way of letting us know...
            It's CLOSE.

            Intentional blindness will lead so many to the pits of hell. Sure, I PRAY she has life buried deep under her carnal living (she made quite a profession at about age 12 and seemed to back it up for a time with what appeared to be fruit).

            Yes, I did mean to temporarily sabotage this thread because ALL of what we're seeing...we are close, of this I am 100% sure.


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              I'm very happy that you knew it is good to sabotage. What you are sharing is the real reason we are still here. Just before I came into the site I was talking with a friend with whom I've been praying with for thirty years for one of her daughters who sounds very similar to what you were saying. I tell you there were times..... but we were finishing up the conversation praising God for the miraculous change in her daughter. Plus, her granddaughter is now encouraging her mother.

              The Lord brought her to a place she only had the Lord as she was living far away from her family, and all that foundation came back to her. The Lord had also brought others who knew Him into her life and she knew who to listen. The problems more or less cleared up but her relationship is growing with every day.

              I tend to agree the end is very close. Division isn't just here or there but everywhere, but it only takes a moment for the Lord, especially when the foundation is already there but buried.


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                Israeli airstrikes said to hit targets in Syrian capital | The Times of Israel

                Israeli fighter jets carried out strikes against targets in the Syrian capital Damascus just before midnight on Sunday, Syria’s state-run media reported.

                No reports of injuries in attack on Damascus, the first since Syria readmitted to Arab League


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                  There is so much going on in the Middle East right now. Even Egypt and Jordan are in the mix.


                  Andy, I am sure we all have loved ones that we have been praying for to either come to know Jesus as their Savior or to return to him. I have never seen such darkness in the world. When they openly come for our children, which is what is happening with all of this transgenderism being pushed upon little ones to the point of mutilation, we cannot possibly believe these are not "as in the days of Noah."


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                    I can't explain it other than to say, this burden is heavier than ever before, and I met her mom (and 3 kids) 26+ years ago.
                    I have to think this deepened burden may well be due to how close to the end we really are.
                    Perhaps not, I'm no prophet (of course) - just makes me wonder why now.
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                      Wow, that article from Memri!
                      What a quagmire over there.
                      At first one may say that Egypt and Saudi are scared of Iran and that's the ONLY reason they are trying to buddy-up.
                      Yet - why is Iran the one making 'warming gestures' toward Egypt?
                      They must have an ulterior motive.


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                        From GH's Memri article..

                        "Finally, there is a legitimate and objective question regarding the [problem of] Shi'ization and the consistent warnings made in this context. [But] we can easily turn the question on its head and ask… why wouldn't rapprochement between Egypt and Iran promote the Sunnization of the Iranians and be an opportunity for the spread of Sunni [Islam] in the Persian country?!..."[30]
                        Or Abrahamic ?


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                          Along the same thought
                          Former Mossad chief says Saudi-Israeli normalization possible despite Iran-Saudi deal | All Israel News

                          Results of survey on Israeli religious views, co-sponsored by ALL ISRAEL NEWS, presented at NRB convention | All Israel News
                          During their brief remarks, the speakers called upon Evangelicals and Christians more broadly to continue to show unconditional love towards the people of Israel, despite the survey results indicating that Israeli Jews are largely indifferent when it comes to Christians.
                          Islam in Israel - Wikipedia
                          Muslims comprise 17.8% of the Israeli population.[1] The majority of Muslims in Israel are Sunni Arabs,[13] with an Ahmadiyya minority.[14] The Bedouin in Israel are also Arab Muslims, with some Bedouin clans participating in the Israeli army. The small Circassian community is composed of Sunni Muslims uprooted from the North Caucasus in the late 19th century. In addition, smaller populations of Kurdish, Romani and Turkish Muslims also live in Israel.
                          Which is interesting as it seems the people we hear about in the news are Shiite.
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                            Originally posted by SAT View Post
                            From GH's Memri article..

                            Or Abrahamic ?
                            Excellent. We've surmised many times that this "accord" could be the covenant that is strengthened. Perhaps that strengthening involves adding some nations that are "on the fence".

                            I guess the only potential issue I would have is that the Abrahamic isn't a covenant, it's an "accord" and I'm not sure what the difference may be.
                            Then I run into this interesting article:

                            How the Abraham Accords Are Shaping a New Technological Covenant (

                            Hmm... a technological covenant??


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                              In response to Andy's link just above this, wow. I had no idea how Israel was joining with these Arab nations in so so many efforts. I think it's great. It's quite a list and well worth taking a look at. Technology is just a part of it. And Covenant tends to make Christians and Jews stand at attention because of its Biblical use but in reality you can substitute Agreement. But the use of the word "covenant" is interesting.