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Boris Johnson wants to recreate the Roman Empire

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  • Boris Johnson wants to recreate the Roman Empire

    Now, that's interesting!

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    Honestly the man is off the chain. Rome did nothing good for anyone they put under their thumb. I understand what he's getting at but I would say there's the same chance of it happening as a snowball surviving in a volcano.


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      Mr. Brexit is now interested in
      Johnson expressed his enthusiasm while noting that “inventing new structures” might not be the wisest allocation of resources that might be used to strengthen international alliances. Johnson described Macron’s proposal as “worth looking” as long as it complemented the UK’s strategic objectives.
      What do we know about Macron's idea for a two-tier Europe? | Euronews
      from the thread
      Davos is back and the world has changed. Have the global elite noticed? - Millennium Weekend Ministries
      Within this new political union, nations like Ukraine, and even a post-Brexit Britain, could forge deeper ties without officially joining the EU.

      Also from the article Andy posted
      In an interview with reporters on Tuesday while en route to Madrid for a NATO summit, Johnson revealed his modern Imperium would extend from the UK to the Maghreb region of northern Africa and eastward to Turkey and Ukraine. He claimed he had come up with Macron’s notion “back when I first became foreign secretary” and that he thought “we should basically be recreating the Mare Nostrum of the Roman Empire.” The Mediterranean Sea was given the Roman name Mare Nostrum when the Roman Empire ruled over most of Europe, the northern African coast, modern-day Turkey, and parts of the Caucasus.
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        It is interesting as it sounds like Johnson is trying to form another "union" one I suspect he thinks Britain would dominate. The problem if that is what he is thinking??? He is talking about including the Mediterranean Union?????