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Knesset officially dissolves – Israel headed to elections Nov. 1

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  • Knesset officially dissolves – Israel headed to elections Nov. 1

    Knesset officially dissolves – Israel headed to elections Nov. 1 | All Israel News

    Who is Yair Lapid, Israel’s new prime minister? | All Israel News
    After all, Lapid was the first Knesset member who not only agreed to an interview with ALL ISRAEL NEWS when we launched in September 2020 but to a three-part interview

    Why is Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid reaching out to Evangelicals when remarkably few Israeli leaders do? | All Israel News

    My father is a Holocaust survivor. He came here [to Israel]. He didn't go to New York. He didn't stay in Yugoslavia, where he was born. He didn't go to Budapest, where his family was from. He came here because – and he was a complete secular [Jew], and he was even the head of a completely secular party here – but he came here because this is the land that God has given us.

    And if there is one group in the world that sees this exactly as we do – and therefore they are my brothers and sisters – is the Evangelicals.

    So, this is the reason – and we cherish so much in this country the friendship, the support, the ability to be loud and clear about this support that we get from our friends around the world and in the United States. I don't have enough words to describe it. And it's such a great opportunity through you to just say, "We're thankful."

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    What I find interesting is that he's a secular Jew - or at least his dad was - and yet his dad was apparently wiling to say "this is our land that *God* gave us." and Lapid himself is very friendly with Evangelicals because they believe the same thing.

    I have been reading through Revelation and pondering how the secular versus the religious Jews will interpret all the things with the Antichrist/false Messiah. Would a secular Jew be less likely to come on board? And would that make them therefore more likely to then realizing Jesus is, was, and always will be Messiah? After all, does a secular Jew really regard Scripture as infallable and important to adhere to? Or are they someone who will be skeptical of the AC, too? Or, maybe this is why the Lord speaks of dangerous signs and wonders; the delusions will be even greater for them?

    How will the religious versus the secularf Jews view the Rapture when it comes? On the one hand, a lot of those evangelicals that Lapid and those like him love will vanish. Does this make them turn more swiftly to the Antichrist? Or less?

    While our attention is often focused on the ongoing fight between Israel and her neighbors, there are spiritual battles which also occur regularly as God sets up the pieces for the End Times game, placing in power who He wants to be there.
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      Those are good questions Doug. What comes to mind for me is the old saying "there are no atheists in a fox hole." Once The Rapture takes place I think there are a whole lot of people who have at least heard about it at some point. I suspect it will be the number one Googled item! Assuming Google is up and running with all the global chaos that's going to cause. It will take the Globalists a few days to figure out how to explain it. I suspect secular Jews may be looking at some wisdom from Rabbis who would certainly be familiar with the OT prophets.


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        They are good questions. ... I think about the Bible talking about the place only God knows the heart of the person.


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          In first speech as PM, Lapid urges unity in face of ‘violent and vicious’ politics | The Times of Israel

          “The State of Israel is bigger than all of us. More important than any of us. It was here before us, and will be here long after us,” he said on Saturday, adding: “We must choose the common good; that which unites us. There will always be disagreements, the question is how we manage them, and how we make sure they don’t manage us.”

          “The great Israeli question is actually why in a period in which we have wide national agreement on all the important topics, the levels of hate and anxiety within Israeli society are so high? Why is polarization more threatening than ever?” he continued.


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            Revive Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Macron tells Yair Lapid - The Jerusalem Post (
            Lapid avoided mentioning the Palestinians in his remarks, focusing instead on the Iranian nuclear program and Hezbollah’s threats to Israeli gas fields

            PM Lapid's first trip abroad

            The visit to Paris was Lapid’s first trip abroad as prime minister, and a reunion of two politicians who have been friends for nearly a decade, since Lapid was Israel’s finance minister and Macron was France’s economy minister. They bonded over forming centrist political parties and have discussed ways to promote centrist politics, and are in regular in contact over the Whatsapp messaging app.

            Macron grinned when Lapid arrived at the Elysee Palace in a Renault hatchback, and they embraced, walking into the presidential building with their arms around each other.
            “You chose France as your first visit abroad, something I found very moving, dear Yair,” Macron said.

            “It’s a true pleasure for my first visit as prime minister to be to a country and president that is a close friend,” Lapid stated.


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              Yair Lapid: Disruptions to egalitarian prayer at Kotel ‘unacceptable’ - The Jerusalem Post (

              “The limitations on the prayers there make Israel the only Western state in which Jews don’t have freedom of worship, which is unacceptable to me,” Lapid said in a press briefing.

              Yair Lapid must bring Western Wall compromise deal to a vote - editorial - The Jerusalem Post (
              A short reminder: the deal, brokered by former Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky, was approved by Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet in early 2016. But after 18 months, and under pressure from haredi (ultra-Orthodox) parties, Netanyahu held another vote and overturned the original approval given to the deal.

              The failed Western Wall compromise has led to religious cooperation - Israel News - The Jerusalem Post (


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                Joel Rosenberg predicts a Netanyahu comeback in the next Israeli election | All Israel News

                Rosenberg said the new Israeli prime minister leading the current interim government into elections is Yair Lapid, who is “not a left-winger,” although Netanyahu would claim otherwise.

                “Bibi Netanyahu will say differently and say that he is a left-winger, but Yair Lapid actually has a lot of experience in government. He has built the second largest political party in Israel, and he has been serving in the government in the security cabinets for many years,” Rosenberg said.

                Rosenberg said Lapid is surrounded by a good team including includes Defense Minister Benny Gantz and former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. Bennett promised to stay available to help Lapid lead the country through the transition period.
                “Netanyahu is center-right,” Rosenberg said. “The problem with Netanyahu is not that there’s not enough people who agree with him in our parliament. It’s that he stabbed so many of them in the back. They don’t want to serve with Netanyahu any longer. That is why we’re going to the fifth round of elections.”
                Which is also why many in Lukid quietly want Netanyahu to leave. He has either stab them or they know they can't get the support to form and keep a government. There are enough people to vote right but Netanyahu...

                Then there are the court cases (For a second time. The courts only warned him the first time to stop doing this)

                Key witness at trial describes the Netanyahus' incessant demands for gifts | The Times of Israel
                Netanyahu told tycoon's aide 'give Sara whatever she wants' - testimony - Israel News - The Jerusalem Post (

                It must be remember before this started many were Bibi financiers and supporters.

                Adelsons, Milchan, Ellison, MKs among 333 witnesses in case against Netanyahu | The Times of Israel

                If he manages to get through all this and become PM again it will be anything but stable and totally dependent on the religious right. Many who support kicking out or stripping them of their rights, the Christians, Messianic and Moslems. Then taking down their places of worship as idols. Which doesn't have the support of the majority of Israelis.
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                  Thanks for this SAT. I like Joel Rosenberg and have for years. He definitely gives some insights here to Netanyahu that explain quite a lot. I have to say that for me, Netanyahu's willingness to align himself with the Far Right Religious Jews is a game changer in my personal view of the man. He really wants to get back in power no matter what it takes. That is a total turn off for me. This is an interesting parallel here...Joe Biden promised to be a middle of the road president, and since he was sworn in he has become extremely Leftist. Or it's just his true colors showing.


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                    All at a time this is what was in today's news in Israel
                    Ultra-Orthodox extremists cause significant damage to Jerusalem light rail | The Times of Israel
                    Ultra-Orthodox extremists have caused hundreds of thousands of shekels in damages to Jerusalem’s light rail during recent protests against a new planned route for the train, Channel 12 reports.

                    In one of the protests, participants attacked one Arab worker with an axe and a second employee had his leg broken and was shot by an air rifle, the network says.
                    Western Wall rabbi pans violence at the holy site, but calls on ‘all sides’ to avoid demonstrations | The Times of Israel

                    In his statement, which was issued in English, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz does not only denounce the youths who disrupted prayer services in the egalitarian section but also appears to condemn the Women of the Wall, a feminist group that holds female-led prayer services at the Western Wall.

                    “The verbal and occasional physical violence that erupts among those coming to pray at the Western Wall, stemming from various extremist groups, desecrates G-d’s name, creates chasms between people, and harms the holiness of the site that unites the Jewish nation and world Jewry,” Rabinowitz says.
                    This statement is significant
                    ]In his statement, which was issued in English
                    The Jewish teenagers shouted "Nazis," "Christians," "animals" at Reform Jewish worshipers; U.S. envoy Deborah Lipstadt called the incident ‘anti-Semitic
                    Israeli prime minister condemns ultra-Orthodox Jews’ interruption of Western Wall reform celebrations | All Israel News
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                      side note
                      US, UK leaders raise fresh alarms about Chinese espionage (
                      “We consistently see that it’s the Chinese government that poses the biggest long-term threat to our economic and national security, and by ‘our,’ I mean both of our nations, along with our allies in Europe and elsewhere,” Wray said.
                      and the US has been warning Israel for years about....
                      This is the same China that has been eating Israel’s infrastructure for the last decade. Ports, power stations, bridges, tunnels and more have all been built by China. All indications are that Biden will bring this up with Bennett when the two meet. Some in Israel’s government have recommended convening the security cabinet to discuss the issue. It is that important.
                      International bidders reportedly closing in on deal to acquire Haifa port | The Times of Israel

                      From last year..

                      Although the US asked them not give the contract to China.
                      Israel opens Chinese-operated port in Haifa to boost regional trade links | Reuters
                      Israel has opened a new shipping port along its Mediterranean coast that will bring much needed competition to a sector plagued by delays and boost the country's standing as a regional trade hub.

                      The 5.5 billion shekel ($1.7 billion) Bay Port at Haifa, which will be operated by Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG), will enable larger classes of cargo ships, carrying 18,000 containers or more, to dock in Israel.
                      Which is next to the American military base in Israel

                      The US etc. have been warning Israel starting in the Netanyahu years Israel opening it's doors to China is a threat to their presence in Israel.
                      Arab NATO???
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                        Another side note
                        EU envoy warns against largest IDF eviction of Palestinians in decades - Israel News - The Jerusalem Post (

                        Never mind the whole Russia/Putin thing.

                        Israel is padding it's future in it's own direction ignoring all warnings.
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                          Yes, and doing so under Lapid, which is what really has me intrigued, and had me wondering about the ultra-Orthodox versus more secular Jews, etc., and how they would view Messiah - and the Old Testament in general, too.

                          I took him as a center/left guy who would be getting a little cozier with them, not ready to evict the larges number in years. Granted, he's not been in office that long, but we've seen other administrations do quicker about-faces.

                          Worldview plays so much into the mindests over there in the Middle East. True, Lapid could just have awakened tot he fact that, "Hey, these people might not really be concerned about the long-term security (or even existence) of Israel."he seems more certain than I ever thought he would that Israel can be defended without need to listen to others in the worlc ommunity.

                          Although the main question is, are they getting tot he point where they can trust in God, or only in their own might?

                          A bigger question that just crossed my mind as I wrote that: When Ezek. 38 says the people "dwell in safety," is that from an outsider's POV? Or is it from the POV of one who has convinced himself he is safe but that conviction is in error. Sort of like France with the Maginot Line. I would think it would mean that God is saying they are in safety - because usually you see something like "They will say "we are safe."" (like 2 Thess. 2, "When they say peace and safety, sudden destruction will come...") But, I'll have to look at that; there is so much going on that it makes my head spin.

                          Update: Strong's Concordance lists it as Betah, H983 I think it was, in the Blue Letter Bible site. Interestingly, the word is almost always translated "safe" or "Safely" but while it *can* be used to mean "carelessly" (it is a handful of times) one of the times it is translated "carelessly" is the next chapter over in Ez. 38, where verse 6 speaks of the people of Magog dwelling carelessly.

                          So, yes, the people of Israel do seem to dwell safely and it's not just somewhere where they are fooling themselves. But, it was good to look and fun to remember how to do it. (If I did it right.)
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                            I tend to agree with Rosenberg, Lapid really isn't as left as Netanyahu would like to portray. (Which makes me wonder just how far right is Netanyahu willing to go???? The extreme right are willing to support Netanyahu but not Bennet or Lapid????) The reason Lapid and right leaning Bennet were able to form a trust and a friendship.
                            Although Lapid and Macron have had a long time friendship, Lapid wouldn't comment on Macron's suggestion of his promoting a peace deal with the Palestinians. The only thing Lapid and most of the leaders are willing to talk about publicly is the Abraham Accords and stopping Iran. The two things Israelis believe will bring them the peace in Eze 38.
                            The far right in Israel seem to go farther in the area of what is required.

                            I must admit I tend to wonder if Lapid is a "Third Way", as balance of business and social concerns. The same belief as Macron and most US presidents. It would account for the way the right in Israel portray him. They seem to be leaning more toward a democratic theocracy. It was Netanyahu who presented the Nation/Basic Law that would make non Jewish Israelis second class citizens????? hmmmm
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                              lol Ok I confess there is one more thing that keeps popping into my head. We know the far right is trying to recreate the Israel of long ago. The Sanhedrin, Jewish law, the Temple and many taking down the Mosque, churches etc etc
                              For a while now at rallies etc the far right have been calling out "King Bibi" when Netanyahu enters the stage. Netanyahu seems to enjoy in the idea...... add all that up and I have to question where they would lead Israel.
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