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‘Biden, give Christians 10 minutes of your visit’

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  • ‘Biden, give Christians 10 minutes of your visit’

    Old City hotelier facing eviction: 'Biden, give Christians 10 minutes of your visit' | The Times of Israel

    In a message to Biden, Dajani said, “When you come to Jerusalem, the priority is to meet for ten minutes with the heads of churches to listen to them and to reassure them and Christianity in the Holy Land.”

    Dajani is now fighting two legal cases, the Patriarchate’s lawyer, Assad Mazzawi, confirmed.

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    interesting side note??? There seems to be more articles like theses ones appearing in the Israeli media
    Is Evangelical support for Israel really unequivocal? - opinion - The Jerusalem Post (
    Evangelical views of Israel are often a function of power not truth | Aaron David Fruh | The Blogs (

    A struggle over religion is on going it seems. It is just different now???


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      Very interesting. I think the religious strife has always been there but it is more out in the open now.


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        Agree GH. There are forces within Israel, really the world,, pulling and struggling(even a war) over who's religion should dominate the land. This at a time many are starting to see Abrahamic as the solution and embracing.


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          This from Amir's Telegram from a few days ago:
          Barbara Leaf, US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, hints at developments related to the Abraham accords in the near future in a speech before U.S. lawmakers: "I think you will see interesting things around Biden's visit to Israel and Saudi Arabia.
          Very interesting.
          The closer you get to an event, the easier it gets to predict it. ~Lorenz Meier


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            Really when you talk about the middle east and change, this is stunning how quickly things are actually changing and not just more talk


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              Report: US may add two far-right Jewish organizations to its list of terror orgs | All Israel News

              The two groups – Lehava and La Familia – have been tied to cases of violence against Arabs in Israel over the years.
              Lehava, which means “flame” in Hebrew, is an acronym that stands for Prevention of Assimilation in the Holy Land. The extremist organization opposes personal relationships between Jews and non-Jews. It is also opposed to homosexuality and a Christian presence in Israel. In the past, Lehava members have been involved in arson attacks on churches and mixed Arab-Jewish schools

              Lehava's CEO Bentzi Gopstein has led violent protests at both Messianic Jewish and Christian events and once said Israel should expel all Christians.
              La Familia is known for it racist rhetoric, violence, insulting Arab players and chating “death to the Arabs.”
              Kahane’s political party, Kahane Chai (Kach), was banned in Israel because its platform “incited racism,” and was declared a terrorist organization by the United States.
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                side note from the article above "led violent protests"
                RISKY BUSINESS: Why is Netanyahu aligning himself with a far-right political party widely denounced as ‘extremist’ and ‘racist’? | All Israel News

                Itamar Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich are two of the most controversial figures in Israeli politics, yet Netanyahu sees them as vital to victory


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                  For the younger people on here who do not remember Meir Kahane, American born Jew and one term member of the Knesset, here is an interesting over view of his life. I remember him quite well. He was an extreme radical.


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                    Christian advocacy group releases 'persecutors of the year awards,' urges Christians in the West to wake up | All Israel News

                    Thought these two comments interesting. One on Nationalism and the other on Israel...
                    But then you've got India. And India is purely a cultural thing. And where you've got the leadership of the government and the political party that is in power and (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi and the BJP are, they're just hateful people. And they have a nationalist ideology. They think India should be pure Hinduism, they have a Hindutva mindset (an extreme nationalist ideology). Hinduism and India are inextricably linked. They would call Christianity a virus even though it has been here for 2,000 years.
                    So in Israel, you have a situation, probably a situation where it’s Messianic Jews versus the Orthodox, but it hasn't become probably big enough. Or maybe it's not enough on our radar.

                    On the one hand, I don't want to be too alarmist, but at the same time, I've been doing this for 20 years and for 15 years I’ve been saying, “There's a storm coming, there's a storm coming. I can see the clouds.” You can see what's brewing – and now it's here.
                    imvho he is right, there is a religious war going on in the world political system.

                    It isn't hard to see why the powers that be are pushing Abrahamic or how Christians will see it as a good step forward.
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                      Haredim interrupt American boy's Western Wall bar mitzvah, tear up prayer books | The Times of Israel

                      “How can a nation of Jews allow a reality in which people fear for their security when they are just trying to pray in their own way in a plaza that was specifically designated for this type of prayer?” wrote the Masorti Movement, Israel’s equivalent to the American Conservative movement, in a tweet.

                      Rabbi Arie Hasit, who officiated the ceremony, said he was “broken” by the ordeal after the protesters called the bar mitzvah boy “a Christian… a Nazi and more.

                      “This was an American boy who wanted to celebrate reaching the age of mitzvot, a boy who could have forgotten any connection with the Jewish people and the land of Israel but chose to go up to the Torah in Israel, in front of his parents, his grandfather and grandmother, and some family,” Hasit wrote in a public Facebook post.
                      They pushed and provoked until you couldn’t ignore them,” Ben-David said.

                      A small number of police officers at the scene attempted to keep the protesters away from the family but otherwise did not intervene.
                      Violence breaks out at Western Wall after boy blows nose on Siddur page - Israel News - The Jerusalem Post (

                      "Inside the Western Wall plaza, Women of the Wall encountered severe violence against them, which was completely ignored by the Western Wall security guards.”
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                        I find it very odd that the police are ignoring, essentially, these attacks on worshippers. And the question is to me, why are the Palestinians feeling so emboldened all of a sudden?


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                          If I took a guess??? The first article is part of it. The Jews in Israel are feeling emboldened to stake their claim over all of Jerusalem. The problem is what it will take to turn Jerusalem into a "Jewish" city. One of the many articles that come to mind is the article that stated the government released plans to take Christian church land and turn it into a park. I would also suspect because of the timing, immediately after this announcement, a contributing factor for why Putin demanded Israel turnover the land to him immediately. Which seems to contradict the governments assurances re "status quo".

                          Then there was all the representatives of the places of worships in Israel going to the Russian Orthodox church and nailing their message to the door.

                          The Abraham Accords and the mentality of the Abrahamic religion has given them a voice.
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                            But also...
                            Rights group: Palestinian Authority and Hamas systematically torture critics in jail | The Times of Israel

                            Palestinian authorities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip systematically torture critics in detention, a practice that could amount to crimes against humanity, an international rights group said Friday.

                            In its report, Human Rights Watch (HRW) called for donor countries to cut off funding to Palestinian security forces that commit such crimes and urged the International Criminal Court to investigate.

                            The report alleged that Palestinian security forces “use solitary confinement and beatings, including whipping feet and forcing detainees into painful stress positions for prolonged periods, hoisting their arms behind their backs with cables or rope, to punish and intimidate critics and opponents, and elicit confessions.”
                            but also...
                            The report also describes Israeli mistreatment and torture of Palestinian detainees in the West Bank, saying that no indictments have been issued against Israeli security forces despite hundreds of complaints made over the last 20 years.
                            There is a shift happening since the Accords in all of the greater middle east countries.
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                              When I was in Israel our driver was a well educated Palestinian who worked for NATO full time but was on vacation and agreed to drive us in his private car along with our Israeli licensed tour guide who was a Palestinian Christian. Both wonderful men. I came to find out that both of them had been friends since childhood in spite of their different religions. I also found out that their generational family homes in Jerusalem had been taken from them by the govt. after the 6 day war. I found that appalling. And the Israelis wonder why so many Palestinians hate them.

                              The nights we spent in Jerusalem, we always went to dinner in the Arab area because the food was so much better. Kosher food leaves a lot to be desired. It isn't NY or Miami Jewish Deli style food. And we were treated very well in these restaurants. Being Goyim the Israelis can be a bit "cool" to downright hostile if you aren't a Jew. Not all of them but certainly some of them. A Jewish only Jerusalem will not be fun. The market places are so wonderful and colorful mainly due to the Arab influence.