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Davos is back and the world has changed. Have the global elite noticed?

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    Davos 2022
    Four Saudi ministers defend relations with Washington: ‘US remain central’ - Saudi Gazette

    Four Saudi ministers praised the relations with the US, rejecting rumors about strained relations between the two countries.

    The key ministers were talking at a panel in the World Economic Forum at Davos on Wednesday.

    Minister of Investment Eng. Khalid Al-Falih said, “Relationship with the US are very strong and you may hear a lot in the news but that doesn’t shake the foundation of connectivity.”

    “As a minister I’ve been to the US many times since I took my position in the last two years.”

    He pointed out that the US is the biggest investor in Saudi Arabia in terms of the companies and they continue to come very strong.
    But he also said, “It doesn’t reduce our intent to draw in investment from other regions and countries.”

    “We continue to work with investors from all over the world but the US will remain central,” he said.
    He defended the current status of relations between Riyadh and Washington. “The relationship has been very good all over despite what you hear over the media.”

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology Eng. Abdullah Al-Swaha said, “The relations and investments with the US could not be any better.”

    Al-Swaha shared stories of cooperation with US tech giants such Microsoft and Amazon to accelerate the future economy and empowering women and youth.

    Minister of Economy and Planning Faisal Al-Ibrahim revealed that the level of engagement in 2021 with US enterprises and US institutions has been at its highest level.

    Al-Ibrahim agreed with his collogues that the engagement was among different countries of the world but he said, “US got the lion’s share of our engagement.”


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      In Davos, Herzog outlines vision for 'renewable Middle East' -
      In order to secure a safe future for everyone in the Middle East, we must outline a nuanced, multifaceted approach incorporating geopolitical, climatic and social needs. Israel thus remains fully committed to freedom of religion and worship and to deep respect towards all faiths.

      "A Middle East that thrives as a global hub of sustainable solutions in food, water and health: that serves as a source of energy, mostly solar energy, to Europe, Asia and Africa."

      The Israeli president also warned against the rise of incitement to violence and antisemitism online, citing conspiracy theories that blamed the Covid pandemic and Russia's invasion of Ukraine on Jews.

      "There is always someone blaming the Jewish people," he said.


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        Putin ‘thunderbolt’ spells end of globalisation, Olaf Scholz warns (

        Olaf Scholz has warned that the era of globalisation that powered the German economic miracle is “coming to an inevitable end” after Vladimir Putin’s “thunderbolt”.
        He said: “We are experiencing a watershed; history is at a turning point."
        Mr Scholz, the only G7 leader to speak at Davos this year, said that Europe had been struck by a “thunderbolt” from the war in Ukraine and a new “multipolar world” is emerging.
        “One reason for this is that the low cost producers of the global south are gradually becoming thriving economies with their own demand, which aspire to the same level of prosperity as we have.

        He admitted that globalisation had created losers and said it needs to become more “intelligent”.

        “We cannot allow Putin to win his war, and I firmly believe that he will not win it,” Mr Scholz said.

        “He has failed to meet any of his strategic goals. Russia capturing all of Ukraine seems less likely now than it did at the start of the war, thanks not least to the remarkable defensive actions fought by the Ukrainian army and the European population.”


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          Side note
          What do we know about Macron's idea for a two-tier Europe? | Euronews
          Meanwhile Europe is trying to come up with a concept of how to expand. This one by Macron of a two-tier Europe apparently isn't going over well.
          One of the more interesting comments???
          Within this new political union, nations like Ukraine, and even a post-Brexit Britain, could forge deeper ties without officially joining the EU.


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            Now this last post on a two tier Europe is fascinating. I don't think that the EU really wants to expand its membership. It has had nations that applied to join many years ago and there has been no movement towards accepting any of them. I wouldn't be surprised that other nations might follow the UK's example since Brexit has been quite successful, albeit painful for them.


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              Hi GH
              I know most but not all are struggling to fulfill the requirements to join. For many it has taken years for them to get there, and the majority of the members won't loosen the requirements. I suspect this is the reason Macron is suggesting the two tier approach, but I also know Britain has been trying to make a new deal with the EU which could be why Macron mentions Britain.
              If this is truly the end times and we know the vast majority will want to bow to the AC I'm not sure it will matter what position Britain or others end up taking right now. We know where it will end.
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                Exactly SAT. I try to remind myself of this all the time. It all won't matter and I think it's going to be soon.


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                  Of course he started by mentioning Palestine, but went on to say...
                  ‘Palestine an open wound’ says Qatar’s emir at Davos forum | Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani News | Al Jazeera

                  “Before we can hope for economic prosperity, we must first examine, repair and enforce our framework for peace,” he said. “And we need to send a reassuring message to people around the world: only through unity, we can overcome the conflict that divides us. Our united efforts need to be based on principles already agreed on and the charter of the United Nations, international law, and respecting each other’s sovereignty.”


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                    Wow!! These articles and posts contain a lot of important information! Thank you, SAT and Glorify Him, for uncovering these articles!
                    Psalm 63:3 Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, My lips will praise You.


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                      Good to see you JudyAnn. And you're so welcome.


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                        Hi JudyAnne
                        It is fascinating how everything is going down. You're very welcome.