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Is Omicron just a catch all name for the seasonal flu?

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  • Is Omicron just a catch all name for the seasonal flu?

    The most logical assumption is that this Omicron fuss is in reality just the seasonal flu that annoys but seldom kills healthy people.... I think we have all noticed that according to the CDC, the annual flu season has not happened for two years now!!!

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    I read one comment that Omicron signals the end of the pandemic. Since it is much more contagious, it will replace Delta, which is more deadly. Also, that since the boosters are the same concoction as the original, and the original does not seem to be effective against Omicron, neither will the boosters be. Sad to say, however, I don't expect the call for more shots to stop.

    I remember reading about how "leaky" vaccines, ie. ones that only lessen symptoms but don't prevent infection, prolonged a chicken virus in humans because it didn't allow the weaker strains to become dominant (or something like that). With all of the new restrictions in the EU and the alarms being sounded in the US, it seems that fear has replaced all sense.
    The closer you get to an event, the easier it gets to predict it. ~Lorenz Meier