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    That's a great idea, Andy!
    Simon Peter answered him,"Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." John 6:68

    ><> YSIC, Sue C <><


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      Same here. The scripture 1 Thes. 5:3 "While people are saying, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape." keeps coming to mind.
      Psalm 63:3 Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, My lips will praise You.


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        Thank you, Lewis for posting that beautiful video.

        Originally posted by Andy View Post
        In case it's the rapture we're all sensing...I'm thinking of leaving a gospel tract or two in the area where I have some extra supplies.
        Maybe, just MAYBE, someone left behind can make use of it.
        Andy, that is a really good idea. I've done that, too, plus a Bible and a "Left Behind" letter. If anyone else would like to do that and doesn't know exactly what to say, consider printing out one or more of these.
        The closer you get to an event, the easier it gets to predict it. ~Lorenz Meier


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          I said this Friday....however it bears repeating....
          Some important people, and me too think that there will be a war with China unless a coup happens to remove the Chinese leader before he uses war to try to unite the country behind him, in order to save his own skin...

          This sort of thing; possibly happening at the same time as the Gog war, will likely be the opening events of the Tribulation period before a world govt is set up...

          On the lighter side, a great snowplow train vid
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            Lol, that driver knew what was coming!
            The closer you get to an event, the easier it gets to predict it. ~Lorenz Meier


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              Thanks Lewisb! That was my giggle for this a.m.


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                why is Matthew 10:32/3 ((If you confess Me before man I will confess you before the Father--if you don't, I won't)) not works based salvation? Of course He was talking to old testament Jews in a lesson about going around witnessing about Jesus... I recently tied this into Romans 10 about confessing and believing for salvation... but expanded this into our confession is how we confess Jesus with our daily walk...
                Could this be said to be adding works to grace... what do you think???


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                  What do I think?

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                Well, Peter certainly denied Jesus, right? :-)

                Jesus denying us isn't necessarily saying "I deny knowing you forever," it may be that He denies us at that moment, and therefore we lost that chance at a blessing.

                After all, we do lose blessings and rewards when we aren't walking in a Christlike manner. Andwe go through times when we confess and times we don't.

                In 2003, a flight I was on was 30 minutes late boarding. I prayed and struck up a concversation with a few people. One was a 12YO boy who was flying home from seeing his grandma. I shared that I worked with youth his age in a church in Canton (he was from Cleveland.) As we talked, he said he'd heard of Jesus all his life (he was Lutheran) but had never put his faith in Jesus to save him personally. I was able to lead him in a prayer of repentance right before we boarded. (I like to share that since it reminds me to pray for him when I do, not knowing where he might be now, but know if he meant it he may have changed that youth group as well as his own destiny if he was on fire for God enough.)

                Now, take a person who denies the Lord by just doing his own thing all the time and not following the Spirit's leading to find people to converse with. At that moment, Jesus is not confessing him - quite the opposite, He is saying, "I am not working in that person's life at this point. I can't do anything with HIm because he won't listen to me." He's not saying "I never knew you," He is talking about that moment. Unless the verb is a continual action (constant denying, just like the constant transforming of Rom. 12:2) - and i'll admit I haven't checked - then it could be that He is talking about instances that come and go throughout our lives. Some moments we are confessing, walking worthy, and other moments we are denying, and God can't do anything with us.

                And, Jesus can't very well even work the way the Spirit does with the unsaved (John 16:7-12) as easily if a Christian isn't confessing. That boy would have had no reason to just come up to me and ask if I was a Christian. (Now, a saved person, yes, Christ could move in *that* person's heart and maybe the lax one will get on his horse - like a story, not sure if it's true, I heard in a sermon a while back of an 11YO son of a preacher who went and passed out tracts on a rainy day when his dad didn't feel like it, and someone wound up hearing the knock as they were about to commit suicide, read the tract, and came to church the next week and got saved. God used the pastor's son - who I presume was saved - to wake him up.)

                So, there's a lot of denying and no confessing that comes from the lax one (unless acted upon by an opposite force :-) like the pastor's son who is confessing) - but it doesn't mean their eternal salvation is lost. But, boy, is the chance to get a blessing lost. While in the case I mentioned where I acted, look at all the confessing that went on. and hopefully that boy has grown into a fellow on fire for the Lord.
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                  In answer to Lewisb, I agree with Andy. No.