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Red October – End of World as We Knew It – Clif High

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  • Red October – End of World as We Knew It – Clif High

    Have not yet watched this (it just hit my inbox) but I like Clif High so figured I'd drop it here and watch it later.

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    Okay, about 40 min into this and what I have to say is this:
    I find it interesting to listen to a guy that is godless talk about the future. His predictions of how we're going to "come out of this" lines up so nicely with the Beast/Beast system! On many other points he's way off bc he does not have the wisdom of God but - to me, sometimes it's good to see how a secularist see things.

    So, just be forewarned: This is NOT a Christian perspective, whatsoever!


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      It’s also very disturbing. I listened to about 20 minutes last night and might tune in again today. What bothered me was his accusation that the vaccine is going to kill everyone who’s had it. Does he really believe the drug companies want to eliminate most of the population? Did I misunderstand him on this? I think the virus may have been intended to do that, not the vaccine.
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        Gail, I'm not saying I agree with this, but there are many out there who believe the virus was created to push the vaccine, which purportedly has a high lethality rate. Depopulation is what they say the ultimate goal is. The intense way the vax is being pushed is the alleged proof of this theory.
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          No, you didn't misunderstand him, Gail. And I remind everyone of the Georgia Guidestones and the fact that one of the tenants on that is to reduce worldwide population down to 500,000,000. Yes, I agree with him that there is a force behind this madness that is pushing hard toward this goal. Do I believe every worker at Pfizer and the others that have released mRNA serums are aware of this? No way - I think the deception by Satan has a powerful hold on countless folks that do not understand the real goal of this entire push.


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            Well, I got through all of it. I can only say if Social Security disappears there are a whole lot of older people like myself who will die of starvation or lose their property. As it is inflation has had a visible impact on my bank acct. What would have cost me about $50 at the grocery store 6 months ago cost me $77 yesterday. I almost fainted.
            Relative to his take on silver I can only say that I have a lot of silver in the way of holloware, jewelry, etc. that I've collected over the years. If the price is being kept artificially low, as I've heard for years, then good on me if it goes up to $600 an ounce. However, if that happens being able to actually sell it may have become illegal. I watch the precious metals markets daily as I sell jewelry and I have to reprice certain things when prices run up. I won't ever sell for scrap unless it is just junk.
            Insofar as the vaccine part of this, I would not be at all surprised if it was created to be part of the global depopulation plan. The whole Georgia Guidestones thing is quite fascinating.

            The entire concept of deception is one I can totally buy into. I saw this happen during the first Obama campaign. It was like people were hypnotized. At one point I saw a video years ago about mass hypnosis and its use during the Obama rallies, ads and campaign. Reminds me of the old movie The Manchurian Candidate starring Frank Sinatra. Truth is often stranger than fiction and we know for a fact that the Soviets had a ton of programs researching mind control, so it was something that stuck in my head.

            Overall this video can throw you into a serious depression if you let it. But, remembering that there is never ever a time of place that God is not in control helps. And His promises are true. The worst they can do is kill me and I will walk straight into the arms of my precious Jesus.