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Never Heard of this Covid Treatment - budesonide nebulization

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  • Never Heard of this Covid Treatment - budesonide nebulization

    Listen to the 9/29/21 audio here (or click on pdf file to the right of it). Only about 30 seconds ..

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    Budesonide is pretty amazing stuff. I have the liquid version to add to sinus cleanse and it helps expand the passages for your sinuses to drain more efficiently. I don't use it that often but every so often when I get badly impacted sinuses - this stuff works.

    I had heard of it as an inhaler so I find this interesting.


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      As an aside to this topic, the use of a Nettie Pot is considered a good way to reduce risk of infection from Covid. I've used a Nettie Pot for years because of seasonal allergies and a tendency toward sinus infections. Amazing what salt water can do. Here is a link to an article that confirms it. Also highly recommended by Dr. Mercola but I couldn't find a way to get a link to him.
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        Sinus cleanses are great, yes, but I had a naturopathic doctor tell me (through my sister) to add one drop of high-potency iodine to the solution (they recommended J.R.Crow, available on Amazon) and I cannot begin to tell you the difference it has made in my sinus problems. You can do that 2x/day, altho I just found out that the second one is okay so - I've only been doing it 1x and STILL the result is amazing.


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          Huh, iodine. I can definitely see that. Back in my days of hospital nursing we used surgical scrub for invasive procedures and it is still very effective. One drop surely wouldn't harm delicate nasal tissues. I'll have to try it. I don't understand why more people don't take advantage of this inexpensive low tech way of cleaning out your sinus passages. Covid and most Influenzas are generally inhaled or put there by hands that are dirty and carrying the virus. The nasal cleanse is a good way to stop the bugs from penetrating this line of defense and entering through your mucosa.