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  • Regeneron?

    Anyone have any real info on this one?
    GH, would you be so kind as to dig into this and provide feedback?
    I know it's the one that Mr. Trump got. I THINK it's the one with actual antibodies but - I lack the time to look into it.

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    Hi Andy
    It would be interesting to see what GH discovers.
    I checked in "rumble" and the reports are glowing. But I also remember the doctors who were cautioning people mention "regeneron" as something they knew worked really well.


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      OK ya'll here is what you need to know about Regeneron. I've actually read quite a bit, including the full published research report on the clinical trials.
      Regeneron is in a class of drugs known as monoclonal antibodies or a neutralizing antibody, which have been used to treat cancer, Crohn's disease and other diseases for about 20 years. There is NO human fetal tissue involved in it. It combines 2 separate antibodies and is therefore a "cocktail" of sorts.

      This is essentially an immune system booster that kills or decreases the number of viral particles inside the human body. In a very major way that keeps the body from going into the stage of Covid that will cause death or respiratory failure. Remember SARS Covid is a Respiratory disease at it's worst. This is the reason that initially they were putting people on ventilators left and right. 96% of people who are put on a ventilator are never able to come off of one and thus die of respiratory failure.

      Regeneron is given to people who have not been vaccinated, who have mild symptoms of Covid. It reduces the risk of death by 70% and the risk of household infection by 80%.
      It cannot be used on people who are already hospitalized or who are on Oxygen therapy.

      It gives an immediate boost to ones Immune System which reduces the risk that a patient will develop serious symptoms. This boost doesn't last forever. "They" say it is Not a substitute for a vaccination.

      Apparently there can be side effects which will vary based on one's health. This is the drug given to President Trump when he had Covid. This is what the Governor's of both FL and TX are arranging to give for free to their residents. Good thing because it is costly. Upwards of $2,000 in the US. This is endorsed by the WHO.

      Here is a link to the actual research published in the New England Journal of Medicine:

      I hope this is the information you wanted. I've tried to simplify it somewhat.


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        Thank you GH


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          THANK YOU!
          So, if someone opts for this, does it suffice as being "vaccinated". I put a period instead of question bc I think it depends on who is demanding you get jabbed.
          Seems it's the best option if forced to be jabbed.
          I cringe at mRNA at any/all levels.


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            No Andy it doesn't take the place of the vaccine. Remember that the J&J jab is NOT mRNA technology but more traditional style vax. That is what I took. I would not take an mRNA jab either. At all.


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              COVID-19 Merck pill works against variants, research shows

              Since molnupiravir does not target the spike protein of the virus - the target of all current COVID-19 vaccines - which defines the differences between the variants, the drug should be equally effective as the virus continues to evolve, said Jay Grobler, head of infectious disease and vaccines at Merck.
              Molnupiravir instead targets the viral polymerase, an enzyme needed for the virus to make copies of itself. It is designed to work by introducing errors into the genetic code of the virus.
              Merck is conducting two Phase III trials of the antiviral it is developing with Ridgeback Biotherapeutics - one for treatment of COVID-19 and another as a preventive.
              COVID-19 Merck pill works against variants, research shows - The Jerusalem Post (


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                Oh goodie goodie. I am pretty sure that putting something in my body that will produce errors into the genetic code of the virus is something I want to do. How do we know, since once again this will be rushed out onto the market with no long term studies, will this produce errors in my own DNA 's genetic code? Just sayin.