Iranian Activists are Openly Supporting Israel

Hamas ‘should be very worried’ by Israel’s maneuver
towards Abbas

Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) Guide for the
Perplexed, 2021

The evening of September 6, 2021 will launch the
Jewish New Year 5782.

Three lawmakers sound alarm: Israel in danger of
turning into gentile state

The World’s Oldest Jewish Trust Just Committed
$50 Billion to Israel

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Why It Matters: Israeli, US Navies Hold First Joint
Red Sea Drill

Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan to hold joint
military drills

Will Iran continue to threaten southern Syria after
Deraa deal?

How does Iran Wage its information warfare battle
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Erdogan Announces Construction of Turkish 'Pentagon'
That Will 'Strike Fear Into Our Enemies'

The complex is expected to be finished May 2023,
on the eve of the general election, and will host
members of the Turkish Ministry of National Defense.

After Afghanistan, a nightmare scenario for South

Fears of a Christian genocide as the last US troops
leave Afghanistan

Haiti Quake Set to Deepen One of World’s Longest

FBI report reinforces trend that American Jews are
‘top target’ for hate crimes

New low: Speaker Pelosi blocked the reading
of names of 13 fallen service members