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My short answer to fruitcake "science so called" :)

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  • My short answer to fruitcake "science so called" :)

    I noted this on u-tube under a scientist who was trying to point out the difference between science and wishful unprovable sillyness!!!

    Multiverse is proven by the ancient historical record. As well as the UFO record of objects and humanoid creatures popping into and out of our spacxetime universe ... Dark matter is refuted by the fact that all the stars close enough to us for us to measure distance and direction, speed are obeying Newton's laws, and gravity as we now it...... There is a great theory showing the why and how of Galactic rotation, but few want to consider it..(Setterfield / Norman). There is another theory that explains how we can see the distant universe, which is much younger than thought, but again, it is dismissed because of preconceived notions and delusions!!! See "Starlight and Time" by Humpfries for example!!! "'Big Bang-ism" and Evolution both violates "first cause"" and "Chaos theory"(second law thermodynamics)

    All of which should give "them" a first class Hissey-fit !!! Isn't real science just FUN !!!
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    This is actually quite important Lewisb and a good catch. People forget the basics about the Scientific Method. She does an excellent job explaining in layman's terms why so much that is deemed "science" these days is simply speculation and junk.