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Israel's 2520 year punishment after Babylon

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  • Israel's 2520 year punishment after Babylon

    I had re-written this today in response to a rabbi's video. I's been a long time since this was last talked about here.

    In the 7th century BCE, God said He would bring the Jew back into their land in the middle of the 20th century AD... to be exact, Ezekiel ch 4:4-6 says The Hebrew people would be chastised 430 years for their idolatry... In Leviticus 26:28, God says that if after a time of chastisement you do not repent, I will multiply your years of chastizement by Seven. After they returned from Babylon there were still 360 years left of their chastisement, they refused to repent and follow God... so God multiplied their 360 year punishment by 7, totaling 2520 Hebrew years of chastisement or 907,200 days.... which ended in May of 1948 !!!